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    unhappy about the greg_L ban

    I've been watching him .... it's been quite a while since he's argued with anyone and barely even comes here except for the football and tone threads. Looks very much like ANY complaint against him is simply accepted as valid with absolutely no consideration that perhaps the complaint was...
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    anyone remember Crawdad?

    he's spending a few days with me starting tomorrow. EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:drunk:
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    Hey ECC83! gotta question ............

    I just got a little Ampeg GVT-5H ................ tested it at the house ...... worked great. Went to do a rehearsal and plugged in the little 10" cab I use with ALL my little 5 watt amps and got no sound ...... so I'm holding my git and reached around back to push the speaker plug and make...
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    the volume war has been won!!!

    a VERY interesting article: Announcements - Forums--Digital Domain - Digital Domain: CD Mastering | Mastered for iTunes | Audio Mastering | Blu-Ray Mastering
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    OMG check this guy out ..... !!!

    I'm speechless at the awesomeness of this clip! While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Chapman Stick - YouTube
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    anyone got a PicoValve?

    M. F. has 'em for 99 bucks! For that price I gotta have one.
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    goodbye bitty bit .................

    we'll miss you girl ............. :(
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    When the moon .... is in the seventh house .......

    going to see HAIR! this Sunday. Actually took a day off from gigging so wifey and I can go. Saw it in 1970 .... great musical/play. I just hope they haven't dumbed it down for todays super PC world. Either way I'm stoked ...................... that is all.
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    Why you should buy Greg's cd scroll down to my review ...... post #48 Read and then buy ......... .
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    broke my damned toe!

    I blame miro! actually I blame my self but it's always nice to slam someone else. DAMMIT Miro!!! :drunk: oh, .... and ow!
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    ordered one of these .......

    Vox StompLab IG Modeling Effects Pedal | While I much prefer tube amps up to and including just using a little Epi Valve Jr. for very small quiet gigs, there are some solo gigs I do where an amp just isn't worth the effort or can even be in the way. So on those gigs, reluctant...
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    man I'm bluesed out!

    I know this will be controversial ..... I want to say that I'm NOT hating here. But I come from 45 years of being a full time player and this is my perspective after playing so long. So no fighting guys ..... I'm just throwing out a topic for discussion and am curious as to how others might...
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    Played with some really good players last nite ..............

    The guitar player was monstrously good ...... serious. When have you heard me say that about anyone? He was fucking awesome .... drumber was good/bassist was good/sax guy (moi) was good but that git player freakin' KILLED! They're putting a band together ..... last nite was their first nite...
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    Yay ..... pawnshop score!

    Actually a flea market score. Got these Sony SS M3s for $50 for the pair!!!! :eek: I remember reading the reviews when they came out in the 90's and they were 900 bucks a pair then. I see 'em used anywhere from 4-6 hundred. Guy owned a record shop ... said they were his personal speakers but...
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    I want!!!!

    Catalinbread RAH ain't gots no money but I have to have it. I'll find something to sell. I don't care about playing Zep all that much but good lord I want that sound for other things.