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  • Thanks for the kind words, man. I'm stayin' cave bound til I get my music room up and running. To do otherwise is just a big tease that'll cause me to rush and cut corners! Have a good weekend! :cool:
    You'll love it! You'll probably be doing Sardinia and Sicily, probably Greece too, I guess, they're simply wonderful. What time of the year were you thinking?
    Yep, a cruise ship for sure. We're definitely going to Europe, and right now, the southern part is winning our hearts!
    Hey Joe! How's life? I think about you all the time--planning a trip to Europe next year, and I might just end up in Malta for a day or two...
    I couldn't rep you, so I want to thank you for the comments on Amos Moses...and my snare. :D :)
    Hey man, do you take requests? xD But anyway, I was thinking that you should try a cover of Even Flow by Pearl Jam. That seems to be up your alley.
    you too Joey....Im recovering from a hangover I got at a green day gig lol...I think im around 17 again :)
    We got into it for exactly the same reason. I could hear it, and finally with a DAW and the inexpensive, better quality equipment explosion, the means for creating was put w/in my grasp. It was then just a matter of learning how.

    Hey J. I'm letting the "Radio" thread slide off. Yet I wanted to thank you for your comments.

    Out of most everything I do, I treasure my songwriting ability as my truly unique talent. I'm a frustrated musician (however multi-instrumentalist -- I'm only okay as a musician) and a competent singer. I'm learning production chops still ... but have least gotten to the point where if I know what I want to hear, I can quickly get there.

    You rank amongst the rare that seems to comment on that ... and although we are on a board together that deals w/ recording issues ... you and Chris (MixMkr) comment beyond the narrow scope that is "you tracked that well!"

    Well, duh, yes ... I know ... because I learned that tracking well is but a small thing in the whole thing ... and that is important, but you still can't put lipstick on a pig and call it beautiful.

    Thanks, bud.

    Check out my post in the new rep point thread... I posted a link to a remix of "Living This Life".
    havent lived in Scotland since '94...London was my home up until a few years ago...dirty expensive dangerous and great :)

    Torontos like new york with out the violence or stuff to do..I like it but Ill be quite happy to move in december to san diego

    akways fancied Germany but never got out of London..even did a German course in prep to move...einmal ist keinmal an all that ;)

    thanks for the positive comments...its very difficult to listen to stuff like yours when Im mixing mine...really quite hard, Im still looking for my sound..but its out there :)
    "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to joeym again."

    one day I need to buy you a beer! :)
    Gotta Spread the Rep, so I'll just leave a thanks here instead. Thanks for listening and leaving a comment on Spots on the Sun. Hope all is well.
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