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  • Hello jedblue, I have a BR 1600 and I did not get the drums CD with it. Do you have the CD and would you be willing to part with it?

    Kind Regards
    Sorry it took me so long to answer. i don't visit here very often. I do believe I have a couple of them. I'll have to look. Whereabouts are you? Cheers. Geoff.
    I'm trying to link and sync two BR 1600's together as master and slave. Wondering what your results have been since posting. I'm getting midi error message and can only hear one recorders audio. Can't find anyone with the solution, but it looks like you've done it.

    I saw that you sync'd up two boss br1600 studios.
    How did you do that and how does it work?
    Does it save on just one of the hard drives?
    I only have one but sometimes do feel limited by the 16 tracks.

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