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  • Hey Herm! Believe it or not, everything you hear is still your old humble 22-4. We're moving to an Otari 8 track for our first LP. I'd love to talk gear some time. I've gotten a lot of neat stuff from Hamfests. A lot of junk, but a lot of neat stuff too. scott!
    Hiya, I got this post about 9 years later, but are you still recording on 4 track?

    I'm interested in doing some collaborating via mail! :)

    I've got a Yamaha MT120, and I've got a few other 4 Track machines on the way, too, as I've won another one or two on eBay, and I'm going to experiment to see which one(s) I like best, and stick with those, and maybe sell the others.

    Got a Fostex X-28 on the way.

    - Murray

    - Murray
    How ya doin brother? I figured you didn't have internet there on the boat, but I shoulda known better!
    hi, i saw your offer. Sounds interesting. How much would it be with postage to belgium?
    i'm desperate to have this board because tascam parts are very hard to find here in belgium/europe.

    many thanks for your offer

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