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    A Challenge! Make this vocal fit.

    Essentially - I just searched for annoying frequencies on some of those belted high vowels and started hacking away at the upper mids.
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    Recording not where it's supposed to be!

    Have you tried using low latency mode?
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    How can I improve the sound quality of this song

    The original recording is pretty good. It's a bit roomy, but certainly usable. Here's the EQ and compressor settings I used. I used two EQ plugins because I kept trying to dial out some of the room sound, but I would probably condense the settings to one plugin later on down the road after I...
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    Marshall DSL100 clean tone question

    So I've heard the clean tones on the DSL100 are pretty good as far as Marshall goes. I think the DSL100 is probably the amp I want to buy, but I can't really go test it out anywhere because none of my local music stores stock them anymore. I did, however, have the chance to test out a MA100H at...
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    FS: BigShot EFX True Bypass Looper

    This is a small, passive (not powered) two channel true bypass loop. It's been gently used on my pedal board for a couple years, but is in excellent like-new condition and will ship in its original box. I'll sell for $70 including shipping via USPS to entire USA. I'll ship international but...
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    1x12 vs. 2x12 combo

    Hey guys. I'm currently in the market for my first tube amp. After going to Guitar Center and testing out numerous combos, I've decided I like the Mesa Express 5:50 the best. I'm now prepared to purchase a used 5:50, but I have one final decision to make. I can get the 1x12 version of the 5:50...
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    Questions about chaining interfaces via ADAT/Firewire

    I currently have a Focusrite Pro 40 and am looking into adding 8 more channels by chaining another interface via ADAT or Firewire and I have a few questions: Which is generally the better method for chaining two interfaces: ADAT or Firewire? Would I run into clocking/sync problems if I chained...
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    Getting a career in professional audio

    Hey Chris, Do you have any advice for those looking to get a job in the professional audio world and eventually work their way up to being in a career position such as you are in? What steps did you take to get to where you are today?
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    Trying to remember mixing tutorial videos mentioned here before?

    I remember a while ago somebody here recommended some mixing "tutorials" that were basically screencasts of mixing engineers taking their songs from start to finish. I believe these tutorial videos sold for about $50 each and were quite long in duration... I can't seem to remember the...
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    Acoustic treatment - don't know where to start

    Thanks for all the great info, guys! Good news: I just talked the remodeling situation over with my family and it looks like I will have the option to move into a bigger room (11 x 15 ft) that will allow me to better place my console. Here's a quick mock-up: In the picture the console is...
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    Acoustic treatment - don't know where to start

    I know next to nothing about acoustic treatment so I'm hoping somebody here can help me come up with a good treatment plan for my room. I'm in a bedroom studio that measures 11 x 9 feet, however, we're going to be remodeling soon and will end up moving a wall (the right wall in the diagram...
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    Getting the perfect monitor mix for tracking vocals?

    Lately I've been struggling to get a good headphone monitoring situation for tracking vocals. I can sing a lot better when I set up some speakers in front of me and play the backing tracks out loud to sing to, but then I have to deal with bleed and whatnot. So I feel like the reason I can't seem...
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    For those of you that haven't seen this yet...

    Just watch it all the way through. You won't regret it.
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    How to achieve intro effect to Black Hole Sun

    Does anybody have any ideas on how to get the intro effect to Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden? It's the effect about five seconds into the video below. We're looking to pull this off live... is it possible?
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    Logic 9 Users: What are your Mac's specs?

    That's a screenshot of my Mac's basic specs. Logic 9 runs just fine - I've recorded eight tracks at a time before and never had a problem. When I try to record 20 tracks at a time, I beach-ball for a few seconds, but then it starts recording all 20 tracks without any sort of error. I'll admit...