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    hey man

    come back to the cave we need you i love you man
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    i am 4 real

    i never meant to make your daughter cry i apologize a trillion times im sorry ms jackson ooo i am 4 real
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    calling lt bob

    are you there bob
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    which mic should i use

    im going to be recording at a pro studio with any kind of mic you can imagine think brian wilson what mic would you want
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    new amp

    well i went whole hog this year and bought my first marshall. dsl 40c. i was able to get a 100 discount from sam ash. for only 599 i couldnt pass it up. i cant get a bad sound out of this thing!!! every setting sounds like rock n roll - except the clean mode which stays clean with the gain...
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    les paul custom classic

    the les paul ive had my eye on went down in price by 300 dollars. i was tempted but i didnt get it. now zzounds and ams are selling the cream color for only 1499 down from 1899 so another hundred bucks off. i pulled the trigger :o
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    Ampeg appreciation thread

    i love ampegs! i only have 2 right now
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    My first music video

    The Rolling Dingleberries - Rainy Day Women a Bob Dylan song - YouTube heya heya heya
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    My latest acquisitions

    Hey I got a new guitar and amp. A 70s series Mexican Strat and a Laney LC50. I'm really digging them.
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    The Rolling Dingleberries - Addicted2u

    Hey there everybody i recorded a song and would like some opinions Addicted2u by The Rolling Dingleberries on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
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    Rickenbacker 325

    i want one!!! i think the short scale would be fun.
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    piano tuning

    i dont have a piano but virtually every time i try to jam with a piano it's way off from concert pitch or a440 i remember reading once that piano tuners tend to tune pianos considerably lower so the soundboards will last longer even if someone says their piano has "just been tuned" i have to...
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    Ow My Head

    AAAAAARGH. I HAVE SWITCHED COMPUTER MUSIC AND IT GAVE ME A HEADACHE. i feel for yas everybody whos wrestling with software and computers and all that to get a decent sound. i feel your pain. literally.