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    Roland TD

    At which TD model did they start putting the direct outputs on the brain? I know the newer ones have it.
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    Senn 421 II Techniques

    Sup, I've been playing around with this mic to see if I could improve on the distorted guitar. I played around with the roll off switch. Anyone use this mic for close micing guitar cabs? If so let me in on some of your mic positioning and roll off selections. Yesterday I had to...
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    Fender Champion 600 Mods?

    I have ordered a new speaker and the zoso tone cap replacements. I have already swapped the chinese tubes with tungsol. Anyone else done this cap and speaker upgrade? I will do before and after samples.
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    Sure Beta 98/S

    I will soon record a demo for a local group. They have some mics they would like to use. The Sure Beta 98/S is one of them. Anyone ever use this little thing? Where and How on the drum kit? He has three of them and goose necks for mounting on the toms.
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    Recommendations On A Boost?

    I been thinking of buying a boost pedal. I use single and humbucker guitars and only use tube amps. I built an LPB1 years ago. It about the only boost pedal i have used. Does it get much better? I would also most likely use it as a clean boost.
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    I Scored ........... of these really cheap Anyone have this mic? What application is best? I have only played with it on acoustic guitar. To me it's pretty transparent.
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    zvex seek wah

    the zvex seek wah is what I want. I was wondering if anyone knew of an auto wah that were similar?
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    Mixing OTB

    I have recently just started mixing otb. Is there a rule of thumb on setting the level before it goes out? Since I am using a Mackie VLZ Pro, I would like to think It would be better to keep the gain at unity on each channel on the board while maintaining a particular level through the RME...
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    Passing Through ADAT

    I have a RME Multiface II. It has Adat I/O to get eight more channels. I want to add an adat to analog out device. I was looking at the Aphex 141 8 Channel D to A Converter. My question: Is most of the conversion done with the Multiface or the 141? I realize anything in the signal chain...
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    Outboard EQ

    Sup, I am breaking out of the box! Finally. I have decided on the 1642VLZ3 mainly because of the price and the routing. I know the eq on the channels are not going to be that great. Anyone know of some usable outboard eq that will not break the bank? There is not much out there. I...
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    WTB: Mackie Onyx 1620

    I don't care about the firewire. IF you have the option and the price is right that fine. I am on the GGL thought it's been awhile. I expect you to be on the list as well.
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    B Stock

    Anyone ever buy the b stock gear on musicians friend or any of the online stores? I have my eye on a mackie onyx 1620. There seems to be b stock or refurbs on these sites with tempting prices. They still honor a manufacture warrenty. Any thoughts or advice?
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    Treatment Hardware Ideas

    Going to be adding some treatment. Any ideas on what hardware to use in hanging 2" fiberglass and bass traps (4")? I plan on just covering the fiberglass with felt material. I was thinking of making holes in the back in the material to tie them together. Maybe just hang it like a picture...
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    Room Suggestions

    Hi, This is an existing room in our new house that is availble for me to dable in recording and mixing. I did fail to give dimensions. I need some suggestions on weather or not to center the listening area with the room with monitors on the left wall or to use the top left corner as...
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    Stereo Inputs on a VLZ or Onyx

    I am going to purchase a either an old vlz pro or an onyx board. I used to own a vlz but its been a while Are the stereo inputs (panned center) pretty narrow going to the buss as far as the stereo width? I am debating on getting an all mono 16 channel (1604 vlz or 1640 onyx) board or the 12...