Stereo Inputs on a VLZ or Onyx


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I am going to purchase a either an old vlz pro or an onyx board. I used to own a vlz but its been a while

Are the stereo inputs (panned center) pretty narrow going to the buss as far as the stereo width?

I am debating on getting an all mono 16 channel (1604 vlz or 1640 onyx) board or the 12 mono 2 stereo (1642vlz) or the 8 mono 4 stereo (1620 onyx).

I can live with the stereo inputs if they are wide enough for sub mixes from the DAW.

Any opinions?


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I can't imagine a ganged dual-channel (or any channel input for that matter) not being able to full-pan as that's also how you assign to the left or right of the bus pair. In the case with 'stereo in's it would be a balance' control though and the side opposite the pan would be off.