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    Comprehensive overview of ReaComp (and compression in general)

    I've come across LOADS of high level and basic overviews of Reaper Plugins, but very few that provide comprehensive details of how everything works, so I decided to try my hand at starting a series that covers (at least to start with) complete reviews of what every checkbox, slider, meter and...
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    Complete ReaComp Overview

    I made a video to comprehensively review every aspect of reaComp Reaper in the Weeds: ReaComp - Comprehensive Overview - YouTube Thought some folks in here might find it useful
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    Pacific Pro Audio?

    Anyone ever dealt with Pacific Pro Audio? I got their link of of TapeOp and they have some very affordable mics. I've heard good things about their hard drives, but has anyone ever used their mics? Are they just Chinese imports? Modified? QA'd? Thanks, Todd
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    Help with Foam

    OK. Foam. I want to know all about it I do this because I want to know about foam and it's various forms and acoutsical properties (not because I want to treat my room ). I know all about 703/705 and I don't want to compare them at this moment. SO. The Internet is FULL of conflicting...
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    Pre for an SM7 or an RE-20?

    I got to test out a Shure SM-7 and an EV RE-20 just recently on some male and female voices. I tried them with 2 different pre-s: a Pre-sonus Eureka and my SP VTB-1. In both cases - I didn't have enough power to drive them. I ended up maxing out the gain and getting a bunch of...
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    Analog vs Digital

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    Subfloor advice...

    I posted some threads a while ago about my sloped basement floor. I've taken care of that, and now I have a level floor to work with. My (future) Studio Room has concrete slab floors (on top of compacted earth) and Cinderblock Walls. I plan on building a room within a room. So.....I have...
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    Math help!!! I have a slanted floor......

    I have a room in my basement that will be my studio some day soon. The floor is horribly slanted. Here's the room details: Its 14 feet long (or 168 inches) Its 8.25 feet wide (or 99 inches) The slope of the floor is as such: Its high at the back - low at the front - AND (looking...
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    Insulation info...

    I found this today and it's really helped me: Just in case you dont know what NRC is - here ya go: While I'm at it - here's STC:
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    Soldering iron under $50?

    Can anyone recommend a soldering iron under $50? My initial purpose would be to solder patch cables and what not. Currently I have this pos: I find that it's...
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    High tom --> Snare buzz

    So I just tuned my toms for the first time. It took me 3 full sweeps (and I know I still have a lot to learn about tuning toms) - but they sound great. Better than any toms I've owned so far. I imagine that in time, they'll sound even better as I improve my ears. So I put all the toms back...
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    Totally Ultimate Extreme BEST Under $120 Mic Poll!!!!! Awesome!

    I'm finally throwin down. This is so extreme. You wanna piece of this? I need a mic to record everything ever.....and I need it for under $120. I don't test things out first (I'm just not into that kind of thing)- so just tell me what to buy, and I'll buy it. You guys are bold, spicy...
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    Big Mic Shootout I found this to be very interesting. I listened to all of them - took notes - then looked at what was used. I wont post my results because I dont want to slant anyones experience. Also - I dont think it's fair...
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    57 Alternatives?

    In the same price range as the SM-57 ($40 used - $100 new) - are there some good dynamic mics worth checking out? I've got 2 57's already (and on 58) and I'm think one more would be good - but I wouldn't mind a little more diversity in the dynamic locker.
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    Books, videos and instuctions

    Anybody come across any "must see/read" books or videos for drumming that you would care to share? Every now and then I hit a wall where I need something fresh and inspiring or some kind of instruction to help me move forward.