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    Bad ass videos

    Janis from Festival Express
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    Great and Lame album titles

    Some of my favorites in no particular order: I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight The Parable of Arable Land God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It The Moray Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders What a Bunch of Sweeties Songs for Swinging Larvae I Often Dream of Trains Ship Arriving...
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    Analog-digital integrated setups?

    Hi there. I have a Tascam M-2524 mixer which is coupled with a TSR-8 1/2" deck. Up to now, I've been tracking in Reaper using an audio interface (MOTU 8pre). Switching from the Tascam to the MOTU and back requires plugging and unplugging a whole buncha XLRs. I would like to keep them both set...
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    Get on it, slackers. BILL Cosby Morgan Freeman Buzz Aldrin Roger Moore and childrens' author Beverly Cleary oh, and Carl Palmer. ;)
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    Come Forth - spooky ass white boy shit

    One of mine, second time through here.. this time with some arrangement changes and just about everything retracked. Lemme know how it sounds, or don't.. That'll show me. :) Mix 1 Mix 2 Mix 3 Mix 4 - 8/20/16 New Bass
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    good times

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    Holy Smokes

    Holy weed: Nuns who grow pot | Dangerous Minds Discuss.
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    Shallow Waters

    Newish pop quickie with a quickie mix too. Lemme know where it sits, thanks. Shallow Waters
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    What's wrong w my amp?

    My '67 Twin Reverb stopped working last night. Before the sound went out for good, it kind of swished in and out for a little while. I managed to get a recording of it: wtf_amp Anyhoo, after swishing in and out randomly like that for about 15 minutes, it went out completely. After it went out...
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    The Records Thread

    I know there are a few of us actively buying and listening to vinyl. Are there enough of us to sustain a show-and-tell thread? Guess we'll find out.. Post pics of your favorite gems, brag about your acquisitions, and rave about the coolest freakin' hobby in the world RIGHT HERE.
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    Successfully Amplifying Mandolin

    I've tried using AKG 411L contact mic -> Presonus Tube Pre -> Amp. It's doable but I can get much volume before uncontrollable "hollowbody" feedback starts. I don't need blindingly loud volume, just get the amp up out of the low-volume thin zone. I want to put it through some boxes too. Should...
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    Original 1979 block or script re-ish? The '79 is actually $30 cheaper, if it makes a difference. I've read that the blocks still had the script circuit for a few years, just don't know when they stopped. Thanks.
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    Scrape Yourself Off The Floor

    Sorry, yous guys are not gonna like this.. I&U, I & II
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    Sweet Jesus

    I actually frickin' finished something on my break. It's devotional music I think. SJ
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    Another WTF Brickwall Limiting Thread

    Hey all. Posted this over on the Reaper forum but hay, maybe someone here knows. Got a feeling I tweaked a setting somewhere, or hopefully something else similarly simple. I place a brickwall on the master stereo track, and set it to peak at -0.1 dB. Master fader is at unity 0.0. The mix...