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  • Thank you for replying to my post about being harassed. I know and completely agree with you that it sounds weird. I'm being cyber stalked and there's a good chance it could be a neighbor. They are also "shooting" me with some sort of herf gun or emp gun. I will start to hear a high pitch sound and then I will slowly begin to feel a burning sensation that becomes painful. Just to be safe I even got a physical done and blood tests to make sure I didn't have cancer or something. Any info you can supply would be greatly appreciated.
    heh heh....
    saw your thread about the friend requests. :D

    G'mornin, btw. Have a great day and always remember, the toilet paper goes over the front...not down the wall. :)

    Hey Dave,
    I'm not a techie but I know someone who will be able to put something, like that, together for me, so if you can send a schematic that would be fantastic! Cheers, Nick (e-mail address is nickjanczak@rocketmail.com)
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