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    Is this rock mix harsh?

    I love this song , it sounded a little bright but im the last person to take advice from as far as mixing goes.. I did find myself wishing the second verse was doubled(longer) and I was waiting for that keyboard interlude part to part of the outtro. great job!
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    A original I have been working on .

    Not exactly sure what you are saying BUT i do feel like the guitars are not "glued" together properly and yea im struggling with mid-range build up far as timing stuff...its all live takes zero edits , I use a click to get started then I get rid of it and what i play is what I...
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    A original I have been working on .

    The song is called 'You never listen' I dont know, one time I think it sounds good the next time I think it sounds like crap.... I need direction.
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    Cover Song- Blink 182---Stay togther for the kids

    So my 14 year old son and I have been recording some of his favorite songs. We call it The Covid Sessions. Anyway I find doing this has helped both my recording and mixing skills since i can reference the original to help me along although using a limiter still confuses me. Lessons learned-...
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    My kid is out of school so he must record and play guitar to keep busy.

    Since my 14 year old kid out of school for 4 weeks I fired up the Home studio and we recorded some cover songs. Since I am also working on my bands recording this is good practice for recording and mixing. Still struggling with ..well everything ,but the high end sounded ok in my room and in...
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    Well my room sucks but I feel like I have improved.

    Let me have it. Ive gotten better but now I feel like things are crammed in the middle frequency's . This is rockfish/metalish? song...Thanks. Be Somebody by stevens-8 | Stevens 8 | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Its been awhile.

    Im still not very good at recording but here is what Ive ended up with. The name of the song is Free-dumb. Doug - Stevens Free - Dumb by stevens-8 | Stevens 8 | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Tone nerds-amp question

    I figured asking this question here would get more responses but move if you must mods. CRATE Blue voo doo 60 watt tube amp head . Found one with a cab for cheap , was told it works well , have looked on youtube and found some videos but if someone here has some first hand knowledge let me...
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    My kid wants a new guitar....

    Hey nerds its been awhile. My 12 year son wants a new guitar for his birthday. He is still in the beginning stages of learning but improving. He currently has a squire bullet but has been circling those cheap epiphone les pauls in every music catalogue we get. Now I like the price but I also...
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    Drum replacement ....its stupid!

    Whats up?? Its been awhile, I still check in but I am really busy during the summers..any hoo.. If you're gonna beat detective the life out of it, or whatever its called now , and use samples why even have the drummer show up?? Maybe to play the cymbals ?? I only ask because on my morning jogs...
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    Pencil condensors .

    I have some cheap Nady pencil condensors that were given to me along time ago , I had never tried them as drum overheads till last week . I wasn't that impressed by the sound of my cymbals but I loved how the snare and toms had more bite so now Im considering maybe finding a higher quality pair...
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    Sigh...Electronic based music...

    Im gonna ask this question here but if the mods think Ill get more replies, or better replies, some where else move accordingly . My daughter loves to sing but does not like the type of music I can produce with real drums, and crappy guitar playing, so I need to know what basic software I could...
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    Symptoms of a bad drum head?

    So while recording this weekend I kept having troubles with 16 inch floor tom sounding like total fucking shit. When I seemed to get the drum close to sounding good the recording proved me wrong, I kept getting sympathetic ring (way too much) and that Boing! sound when I backed the head off. I...
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    Do you like to crash ride?

    Just a heads up if you do, this is a pretty good deal IMO.
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    Room tempature ?

    I moved my gear into a dedicated space this last summer with no heat. I have since gotten a oil filled radiator to keep it warm during the winter months but Im not really sure what the lowest temp I should keep the room at while im not there? I have drums , guitars , mics , etc. etc. in the...