A original I have been working on .

drieb , Great song ! All it needs in my opinion is a remix. Very good job on the vocals. It seems like you've got the perfect voice for this style. Crits - The intro has some timing problems and sounds like it was taken from somewhere after the 2 min. mark , But the EQ and tone was Very nice and thick. As soon as it was over , the tone of the rest of the song completely changed . It seemed like the rest was over compressed and only the mids' were coming thru. Maybe so much going on , the DB level was getting high and the comp. killed the tone. I'd start by muting tracks and try and retain the tonal quality you had in the intro. Just my opinion , I've been having plenty of mix problems of my own. Enjoyed it .. mark


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Not exactly sure what you are saying BUT i do feel like the guitars are not "glued" together properly and yea im struggling with mid-range build up ......as far as timing stuff...its all live takes zero edits , I use a click to get started then I get rid of it and what i play is what I play....good bad or otherwise!! lol..
The weakest is the vocal, especially at the start and the quiet sections...it has no authority and sounds weak. That'll be a confidence thing as you go along you'll take charge of it with more experience.

The drum in the quiet bits seems to get in the way of the rhythm. Something not totally right there. The loud guitars in the loud sections seems to be just too much. You're doing to theme of quiet to loud but overdoing it on the loud...to my ears.

Good effort, dude.


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It's not bad, but there's a lot you can do to fix it up a bit. The drums sound a bit buried to me. Not a bad performance though. Just keep working on the mix till you give up lol. Call it done and move on to the next song. You'll get better with time.


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I hear some AIC influences in there......song as a whole is really cool. I agree though, needs a re-mix. Vocals need to be brought up some. Cool to have them sitting back a little in the mix but they are too far back. Cool guitar sound but in my opinion a little too thin or maybe a tad too much mids. I also think the snare is a little too boomy. If it were my mix, I would start with a static mix again(no effects or EQ) and then get it to sound good that way then start adding the plug-ins. Good song though!

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Cool tune. I think the vocals need to come up, as they're a bit buried and lack some power in the mix. The bass pick transients are through the roof! I'm not even sure how you achieved that. I think they could be tamed a bit and still be very effective.

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Yeah it's nice little jam. I like your tones, quite AIC. The vocals are good too, just need to be more present. You could try some parallel compression with a limiter on them and blend them in. Good job


The guitar tone in the beggining is really cool, so is the riff. I actually like the vocals, IMO the weakness is the drums.

The snare has no top end. It sounds really buried in the mix. Next time you could mic the bottom of the snare drum. Or try to point the top mic differently.

But cool song and overall nice mix.