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    Steinberg MR816CSX Interface Repost

    I would first like to apologize for the double posting. I had found an issue with the interface I was using to replace the MR816CSX with and was concerned it was going to be much more serious and the possibility of being without an interface. That issue is resolved so I am posting again. Mods...
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    Steinberg MR816CSX Interface

    No longer available. Possibly temporary hold off but I had something else fall through. I will repost if it becomes available again.
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    Native Instruments Machine Mikro

    I have a Maschine Mikro (first generation) that is hardly used and in great condition. It even still has the new plastic sticker on it. It is the original one, comes with the box and all original packaging. It also comes with the Maschine software and NI Elements. All software will be...
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    Mackie Onyx 1640i

    Hey guys, Its been a while since I posted, but my band is selling off their Mackie Onyx 1640i and this is usually one of the best places to post. We have been using it for firewire recording purposes but most importantly it was used to manage our in ear systems on stage. Because of this I also...
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    ART Pro MPA II and Sterling ST66 Tube Microphone

    Hello! Back again with a couple more goodies that i have decided to part with. ART Pro MPA II - $200 Many of you will already know what this is. This preamp has been really fun to own and has been one of the more creative and colorful pieces of gear i have owned. I purchased it new a couple...
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    FS: Blue Yeti

    A friend asked me if I could sell his Blue Yeti for him. It has hardly been used, pretty much only a few times. It is still has the box with it and has been kept and stored in it since ownership. Willing to ship or do local pickup. I can send and post pictures later. $80 + shipping/paypal. ;)...
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    FS: Allen and Heath Zed R16

    I am needing to move to something smaller and simpler. I have found the sound of the pres, eq, and the converters are great all around and also makes a very flexible recording mixer. I have owned it just over a year and it has only been used a handful of times. Other than just plan listening...
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    FS: Two AKG C414 B/XLS

    Back again and this time I have decided to sell my beloved AKG C414 B/XLS microphones. These are not the XLS but the B/XLS versions. This is one version previous to the most current model now. It offers the digital pattern switching/pad/low cut. I think these are just around 2 years old and...
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    High Quality TRS Snakes

    I have two really high quality TRS snakes that i no longer use and could be better suited for someone who needs them. The first one is a 16 channel TRS to TRS, all high quality Neutrik TRS. This is not a livewire, It is between 10-15 i believe although i will need to measure it to be specific...
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    PRS SE Custom Semi Hollow Electric Guitar

    I have owned this guitar for a few years now. I bought it because it was truly unique to any other guitar I had seen in the price range and has a beautiful tone and natural look. It is lightweight and has a really smooth neck. I dont play it that often so it sits around and I think I have...
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    FS : Alesis HD24

    Hello, I have an Alesis HD24 that i would like to sell. I have been holding on to this machine thinking that i might find more uses for it. But I just upgraded to a full portable DAW and i just don't see myself using this anymore. It has had very little use in mostly studio setting as a front...
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    FS: Alesis HD24

    Alright i need to sell my Alesis HD24. I am a little saddened to see this go but i am working on a new arrangement for my set up and this is no longer required. I am the original owner of this unit and it has been well taken care of and has very very light usage. Always been in a good rack and...
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    FS: Seck 1882mkII Mixer

    Hey everyone, So i am going to put this up for sale for real this time. I want to make sure i get what this mixer is worth. I personally think this is a treasure of compact 8 bus boards. I would love to hold on to it but it is time for me to rearrange my setup. The preamps on the board, at least...
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    FS: Motu 2408mk3 / Including Extras!

    I am unfortunately having to part with my loved Motu 2408mk3. This unit has rocked solid for me non stop through many different configurations and setups. Still running strong and would like to keep it, but its time to simplify and change my setup a little bit. This has the PCI-424 PCI card...
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    2 Blue Bluebird Microphones

    I am selling both of my Blue Bluebird microphones. I have owned them for 2 years and really have only used them 3 or 4 times with very minimum time. They are great sounding microphones but i just have other high end mics that i use more. This is a great deal for anyone looking for a good set of...