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  • :laughings:

    Gotta hate it when it looks like a button on a fur coat. :D

    not that I ever ...uh... have that problem. :o
    Yo Munch. I just noticed you left me a message. Where the hell ya been man?
    No new carvings, but yes, I'm gigging regularly with my punk covers band, called the Shambollix. It's good fun. :D
    LOL - are you unbanned? :D I'm not part of that fuckwitted happy camper crowd, I got it for my band work and family transport. :D new tunes. I been jamming bass in one band and drums on another project up in Montana.
    Goin fairly well. 5 and 6 string bass is my newest interest. All fangers baby. No picks. Weird to get used to at first but I'm actually faster now without.

    what about you? anything posted around the www I can take a listen to?
    The family's good man. Even better since the kids are moved out. It's weird tho...we get rid of 2 kids and end up with 2 more dogs.
    ?!? :facepalm:

    And yeah, a lot of shit in the past few months here too man.

    Still working at the Ford dealer and snorting weed. :)
    MunchDude! :drunk:

    How the hell are ya man? Good to hear from ya.

    Shit's been good here. Found my stash from 2 months ago :D , shaved the wife's back again and am still wearing the same underwear as the last time we talked.

    How bout you? The wee lad taller than you yet?
    Not much new man. Same shit, just a little deeper.

    Been recording quite a bit actually. Other dudes, my stuff, my son. Gonna track my daughter's vocals tamarry and finish the drums and guitar after.

    Got me another dog. She makes 6. :D She's Pyrenese, Husky and Pit. Fookin 24 pounds at 10 weeks. :laughings: Another couple months and I'll be throwin a saddle on her. If...that wife will lemme use hers.

    I don't hang around like I used to. The place got boring (er) and too many religious and polidickal threads down in the cave. Fack it.

    Got a couple more guitars since we yapped last and the wife picked me up a new 5 string bass. A Peavey Grind. :confused: I didn't know Peavey was still doin guitars n shit.
    Facker plays and sounds good. Dude put a real nice setup on it before she picked it up.

    But how boutchoo man? Life? Work? Fambly? S'OK?
    Great! I've been pwned so many times by wheelie, Ghost and CFox, I don't know where to put my face. :D Are you going to Cave a little? It's officially unmodded now. :)
    Ya mean my ice-pick-to-the-brain-peel-your-face-off obnoxious flatulating guitar tone?

    nah, probably not. Most of my recording stuff is put away now to make room for the band, which is totally diggable. :)

    Had to take a step back from the recording stuff. Shaving my wife's back hair has become an almost hourly ordeal. :(


    I was thinkin' I could knit you a weenie-warmer, but then Cheri reminded me that I never use the fuzzy pocket holder for my mini-mag flashlight. Shoot me an address and I'll send it to ya! :D
    And the same to you. :D May you have ten times more Christmas haggis than you can feasibly cope with. :D
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