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    DIY Impedance Control; Condenser Mic

    Well, anything you try to put in series will increase the Z, but will probably cause more harm than good. Like ecc83 said above, you can wire a variable resistance parallel to the input to reduce the impedance pretty easily, and I’d expect it to work a bit better. Either way, you get some...
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    Reaper Effects Question

    One way to do this in one track would be to set ReaDelay 100% wet and set its output pins to only go to the one side, leaving the other side unchecked so the dry signal flows through. This will give you the two signals hard panned opposite each other. From there you can either adjust the...
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    how to add my pedal effect to microphone for a recording on my tascam 424

    If you actually want to record the mix of mic and delay to one track and have that baked into the track, then literally just plug the interface into the pedal and then the pedal into the Tascam. You won’t be able to change that mix afterwards, but if that’s not a concern, it’s really that easy.
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    Conveniently using stereo equipment in mono with a patch bay?

    In most cases the sidechain/key input will be a switched jack which disconnects the input from the detector path so yeah youd end up with no compression. If the input is coming from some other gear (preamp output or whatever) on the patchbay, you could maybe find a way to mult/split that to...
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    Post your album artworks.

    Nobody calls what I do art, but this is the cover of my last album.
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    Reaper and guitar plugins

    There’s at least one JS guitar amp that ships with Reaper.
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    Video Pad and Reaper

    The “original audio track” is of course the video track, and just clicking the mute button will disable the video. You can just turn that track’s volume slider all the way down or disable the mater/parent send to accomplish it, though.
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    Reaper Project and HiRes

    ??? Reaper is completely non-destructive and won’t do anything to the original file. If you put it in a project with different sample rate, it will convert (“resample”) on playback/render, but that still won’t actually affect the original file. If you do something silly like try to render to...
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    Looking for that big guitar sound

    Most of the time “that big guitar sound” is actually two guitars plus a bass and drums. The guitars by themselves are probably cleaner and thinner than you think.
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    Unusual Bass Technique

    Has anybody mentioned how "real" string instruments (violin, cello...) and even mandolins are basically tuned upside down from guitar? A fifth is just an inverted fourth. Yes the strings get higher in the direction we're used to, but the intervals string to string and chord shapes are the same...
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    Unusual Bass Technique

    Jeez why is anybody actually upset about this? My best friend in school was lefty and when he got a guitar, his mom wouldn’t let him restring it because she thought Hendrix played upside down. She was wrong, I think, but I had been playing a while, and to teach him, I had to sort of learn to...
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    5 string bass tuner ~ is it just me ?

    Harmonics are always in tune with the open string kind of by definition. Intonation only really affects fretted notes. If the scale length is far enough off, the "12th fret" harmonic might not be actually directly over the fret, but if you get it to sound, it will be exactly in tune with the...
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    Realistically speaking, how many microphones minimum to record a 5-piece acoustic drum kit ?

    Most of my clients have neither budget nor patience for anything other than band-at-once. Maybe overdub vocals. For my own stuff, drums come toward the end, LP it are never acoustic. My preference is always to just put an x/y stereo mic (nowadays my 12 Gauge) somewhere that the whole kit...
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    Realistically speaking, how many microphones minimum to record a 5-piece acoustic drum kit ?

    Honestly what you’ve outlined isn’t necessarily bare minimum, but it’s frankly not a bad start to a mic locker. Get a pair of condensers, preferably LDCs. Spend the rest on dynamics. I think there are better cheaper kids than the SM57, but they are industry standards for a reason. If you...
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    can I plug headphones in and out while interface is on?

    You can’t hurt anything plugging headphones in and out. It’s a good idea to turn the headphone knob down before plugging them in, but only because you can’t be sure how loud it’s suddenly going to get. But why are you doing this at all?!? You’re already plugged into the interface. Monitor...