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    Mastering without compression?

    LOL. IDK where you learned this kinda math, but... ;) Anyway of course it's a good idea to try to control your peaks at the mix level, but it's not actually always very easy to do that by limiting individual tracks because those tracks all add together, and in most cases they add together...
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    Are VCRs the World's Cheapest Hi-Fi Reel-to-Reel?

    I’ve done it. It can work quite well, assuming: A) the machine doesn’t do AGC or let’s you turn it off and 2) you often have to give it some sort of actual video input so that it will track correctly. Like I said, I have done a few mixes back in the day before I got a DAT machine, and I’ve...
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    why does my live mix clip even at low volume

    When the electronic parts of the rig are as loud as they can get, the sound at your ears isn’t loud enough? That means the part that turns it into actual acoustic SPL isn’t loud enough. Whether that’s amp/speakers or amp/headphone turn them up, and if they’re already all the way up, get...
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    Dumb Reaper Question

    Ctrl+A to select all items then right-click the ruler and Create Time Selection from Items. I have that (selection from items) action set to Shift+. because it’s is handy in a lot of situations.
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    Dumb Reaper Question

    Make the time selection, but the right-click the ruler area and do “create region from time selection”. Then you can choose regions in the render bounds.
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    Reaper Reinsert Question

    Every plugin in Reaper, whether Reaper native or 3rd party.
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    Who pays for stems and why?

    Some people just want to see those nice fluffy buds and show off to their friends, never considering how much they’re paying for unsmokeable dead weight. Smart folks buy shake bags on discount.
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    Direct Boxes

    The interface does exactly what an active DI or other clean flat preamp is going to do. lit presents a good high impedance to your passive pickups and adds gain. In some interfaces, that’ll be just static gain somewhere around 9db, but in many that’ll be on top of the actual gain knob which...
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    Reaper Counter At Half-Speed Inaccurate?

    Not actuall helping, I know, but I was recently doing the opposite - playing back at double speed - and got all confused. I think the timeline doesn’t change when you change the play rate, so it should read out the normal speed time regardless.
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    Switching between two amps that share the same pedals.

    You don‘t want to hear the Fender’s speaker? Then yes it should work. If I’m reading it right, though, you’ll end up having to flip two switches. At least normally when we say A/B we mean a switch. You could just use a mixer instead of the 2 in 1 out switcher, but that would be prone to...
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    DIY Impedance Control; Condenser Mic

    Youre right of course. Sorry bout that.
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    DIY Impedance Control; Condenser Mic

    We never care what the load thinks. ;) From the perspective of the source, the bottom of the voltage divider gets smaller. If that source is capacitive (easy to assume with active sources), this divider is a highpass filter and the corner frequency gets higher as that bottom Z gets smaller...
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    DIY Impedance Control; Condenser Mic

    Well, anything you try to put in series will increase the Z, but will probably cause more harm than good. Like ecc83 said above, you can wire a variable resistance parallel to the input to reduce the impedance pretty easily, and I’d expect it to work a bit better. Either way, you get some...
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    Reaper Effects Question

    One way to do this in one track would be to set ReaDelay 100% wet and set its output pins to only go to the one side, leaving the other side unchecked so the dry signal flows through. This will give you the two signals hard panned opposite each other. From there you can either adjust the...
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    how to add my pedal effect to microphone for a recording on my tascam 424

    If you actually want to record the mix of mic and delay to one track and have that baked into the track, then literally just plug the interface into the pedal and then the pedal into the Tascam. You won’t be able to change that mix afterwards, but if that’s not a concern, it’s really that easy.