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  • I didn't get it posted before I left, so hopefully, I can get it up before they ship me out. I am still waiting for Scrubs to do the vocals for me. I guess my voice was touted as the weak link in the song, so i asked him to do it. No shame in my game, it's all what's good for the song, not my ego.
    I am getting there... I am trying to give every instrument its own space, and have some come in at different times. I guess I am overthinking it. I will have it posted before I leave in 4 days...
    Family time is awesome!

    And so is that mando track for With You Tonight... now I am wishing we would have done this before I posted it... What else do you have for it? :D
    You are quite an adventurous guy Rokket! Did you know it was made from brewer's yeast-it's pretty close to beer..:p
    I sure hope the time with your family is going great!
    I ate some vegemite in Darwin on a dare.... not bad. Definitely an aquired taste, but it's pretty good on toasted bread with lots of Victoria Bitters to wash it down!
    Rokket says---Hey! Free Money!
    I'll take my $5 in food stamps....

    Gorty will send it to you when you are in Darwin-except he will send $5 worth of Vegemite-he said it will last forever..(because I bet no one has ever actually eaten any of it)!!:p

    Gorty will also teach you the Happy Little Vegemite Song--it's his favorite!!
    Hey Tony! Oh man that audition was awfukl. They were just TOO loud. I had my Marshall - the TSL 60 Watt - on pretty much full and I got nothing. The rehearsal space was tiny and the rhythm guitarist had a Line 6 and I think a Boss GT 50 floor processor and I'm guessing they had their metal/gain presets maxed out. I felt really disorientated for hours afterwards!
    Actually Lt. Bob, Tele Paul is the one who set up this new system and is the man behind it all. So you will have to see him for a loan, whats $5 worth in Euros now-about 1.5??:(
    I have very little idea of how this new stuff works but for sure, you're one of the good fun guys here so I'm delighted to add you to my friends' list.
    Can I borrow $5?
    Hey Rogue! I bet I passed close by your area a year ago when my wife and I went to N.C. to the Merlefest-in Wilkesboro if I recall correctly. What a great roster of bands...I think Sam Bush should be the next President and Jerry Douglas for Vice Prez!
    I like strange planets...obviously...since I live on earth...and welkom to my my Show me or Blow me state as well Dr. Frankenstrat!!!
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