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    Another Xaviere thread

    so, I think I'm gonna get me a xaviere tele-style geetar. I was thinking about the sunburst looking deal, but I see that's poplar, where as the "honey" one is ash. Which should I go with? I just slightly like the sunburst finish better, but it's not too critical. will $10 more for the ash...
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    Anyone wanna try mastering?

    I posted the following at the other place and got some response, but thought I'd try here too. My band is closing in on completion of our third CD. Since we've long since lost any hope or interest in "making it big" or getting rich off our music, we've decided that any proceeds we might make...
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    simple db question

    (should be simple, anyway....) Is turning every track down in a song session 1 db, the same as turning the master down 1 db? Logarithmics cornfuse me....
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    auralex-like foam on Craigslist

    I have several 4'x2' 703 panels in my basement studio. Still, considering that I could use more treatment, is this worth considering? Good price? Could I potentially use it for other stuff too maybe - amp enclosure, etc.? It's about a 2 hour round trip drive for me too, so the gas would cost...
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    lap steel noob

    yep, that's me. I bought a little nut extension thingy from stewmac, and I got a real steel bar (as opposed to the hollow slide that fits on your finger). I tuned to open G. (Acoustic, by the way). Now what? I find that I'm having a hard time coming up with anything interesting. I really...
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    hand drum recommendation

    If I wanted to buy a multi-purpose hand drum(s), what should I be looking for? I don't know the difference between a Djembe and a bongo. Primarily I'm thinking for adding a little something to more mellow acoustic folky stuff, but maybe able to evoke a bit of a tribal feel as needed. What...
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    Post #1000

    Here we go. This should be exciting!!!!
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    DFX EQ sync

    Anybody try this? sounds like a hoot!
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    Distortion VST for Vocals?

    I'm not generally a big fan of distorted vocals, but a real light fuzz can be nice at times. Does anyone have a a Distortion VST that they think works real well on rock vocals? Yes, I am familiar with the KVR database, but there are, of course, several dozen distortion fx there. I don't...
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    Drummers - any chance of a little help?

    My dearest friends, I really need your help. My band, Orange Robot, has been trying to record a new CD’s worth of music. We had a drummer for a while, but we haven’t seen him in months. We tracked a few songs with him, and now we are stuck with a few songs that need percussion, and we’ve...
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    FA: Studio Projects C1
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    Should I get an SM7?

    here's what I have (or at least have access to) for vocals: AT2020 MSH-1A SP C1 Shure SM58 Shure Beta SM58A I tried some vocals with the C1, and was kinda dissapointed. Just a little too thin sounding, I guess you would say. Tried the MSH. A little better but still disappointing. Tried the...
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    Floorfish Gate Plugin - Really lame question

    so I DL'd the Fishfilet VST's yesterday and was playing around with them. They seem like some decent plugs. But something was bothering me - I couldn't get the knobs on the Floorfish gate, particularly the "sense" knob (which seems like the most critical adjustment), to respond gradually. I'd...
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    I really don't like these lyrics

    This is a song I wrote for a band I was in about 10 years ago. It was a sorta punky noise band, and this was our obligitory ballad. I decided to revive it for the current band, and I'm really not happy with the lyrics, but I can't seem to make any headway on a rewrite. I just find them...
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    simple VST Question

    Does it take less computer juice to run 3 instances of the same plugin compared to three different (but similar) plugins - ie all reverb?