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Thread: roof types and ceiling heights

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    Yep - that sums it up perfectly. I'm trying to balance the money you are spending with how well it will do any of the things you are planning? It deserves to be a great recording space, but apart from keeping the rain out - the structure seems poorly suited to a studio. We have hundreds of posts from people who have spent time on the projects they build and the leakage drives them nuts. Treatment makes it sound nice inside - it does little to keep your noise in, or keep outside noise out.

    I'll leave you to it. Best of luck with the project. A studio with a jacuzzi is actually our first I think. I use my edit suite sometimes to record audio. Today as an example, it would have failed badly. It sounds like a 100lb seagull is tapdancing on the roof. You don't have birds either I guess, or rain, or high winds ............... Or UPS deliveries with horns?

    I looked up the sheeting specs for these buildings - OSB with two thin layers of aluminium sheet. I think you could probably talk through that without raising your voice. Add that to 2x4 construction and in moderate wind that building itself will make noise. Prices are pretty high for just the building without the slab work, so a nice looking but very unusual choice for a music environment.

    Your question was if the added height from the clever roof was better than higher walls, and no it's not simply because the floor area space sized volume equivalent in the roof is less. In audio terms I doubt it matters that much, but the different floor to ceiling angles with the complex shape will help dispersement - but the lightweight construction will impact on the sound too. I'd expect it to seem rather bright. Damn cold in the winter - assuming you live somewhere between hot and cold. All I know for sure is that if this was my plan, I'd be building an inner structure, treating the outside as waterproofing and decorative.
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