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  1. I 'll Be your Mirror - Velvet underground Cover
  2. "Afraid To Shoot Strangers" IRON MAIDEN (Full Cover Song)
  3. And i love her - cover
  4. Help me catogerize my voice and singing please!
  5. Voice Track uneven volume
  6. Can I truly sing or not?
  7. Vocals and EQ
  8. If I Knew Vocal Cover
  9. Terms of musical harmony
  10. Question about harmony
  11. Can you really tell Asian English accent?
  12. Searching for a mystery vocal effect? HELP!
  13. Singing Feedback Easy
  14. Tried to mask bad vocals with effects, how'd I do?
  15. A team Cover (just enough to judge)
  16. Gloriana - (Kissed You) Goodnight Cover [This is My First Cover, Please Listen :)]
  17. Musical Terms Of Melody
  18. Scratch vocals. Feedback before I do for real??
  19. what is this scale called?
  20. Need some tips and advice on my cover, new to recording. [Cover]
  21. All singing feedback is welcomed!
  22. Cover of Owl City - Fireflies together with a friend
  23. Manson Cover
  24. How important is the accent for english native speakers?
  25. Impossible - James Arthur cover
  26. 2 Ways in hitting a high note: Chest vs Head
  27. Looking for Male or Female Singers (Chorus for Hip Hop Song)
  28. Singers Wanted!!!
  29. My acoustic cover of Rude by Magic! (feedbacks are welcome!)
  30. Make You Feel My Love by Adele
  31. please provide feedback to my singing
  32. Feedback Please!
  33. Vocal lessons in NY (Beginner :P)
  34. Chocolate cover
  35. Singing while playing vs Tracking
  36. Cover of Lost Stars - Adam Levine (sountrack of movie Begin Again)
  37. -=Finding match singers to electro music=-
  38. A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera - Say Something (cover)
  39. James Arthur - Recovery Cover by Anja Werber, Stephan Plecher (Jazzy version)
  40. Want some feedback please.
  41. Judging my voice please?
  42. Please review my singing
  43. Enya - Only Time - vocal cover
  44. give me some feedback on my singing
  45. Need a singer (m/f) to sing on a Mr. Big cover
  46. Origainal song: feedback on my vocals please??
  47. Vocal Effects Processors
  48. Critique Me? (Rap)
  49. Looking for collaborators
  50. Singing Flat/Sharp Keys vs 'normal' Keys
  51. Reality check...
  52. UK musician / producer seeking Female Vocalist for album project
  53. Lana Del Rey Cover - Gods And Monsters
  54. I can't sing or people are full of hate?
  55. New at singing. Am I passable? Friend of the devil - Call me the breeze
  56. Vocalists primer: Seriously, get your sh*t together!
  57. Please give me your opinion on my voice!!??
  58. Feedback on new song please.
  59. How would you describe the quality/timbre/color of my voice?
  60. Rate my wife's singing?? See link.
  61. Please be the judge for my singing !
  62. Original song - Feedback request
  63. Is this controversial Rap to you in this age?
  64. Female Vocal wanted for fun happy hardcore tune, or even tunes :)
  65. Pixies' "Where is My Mind?" - please sing it for me!
  66. blade runner themed rough draft vox
  67. How Do I Sound?
  68. Rise Like A Phoenix (Cover - coming soon to iTunes)
  69. Mary Did You Know? (Song Cover - 2 versions)
  70. Hello Everyone! I need some positive feed back and opinions on my singing plz
  71. How do I go about pursuing my dream
  72. What is this high pitch sound that I emit ??
  73. How do i go about getting a vocal coach and is my voice even eligible for a coach?
  74. Compensating for shit singing
  75. You and I (Acoustic Cover)
  76. Too much reverb? Too loud?
  77. Ok, so what exactly will vocal lessons do to improve singing?
  78. Opinion on my untrained vocals?
  79. Vocal Issue
  80. Voice advice
  81. i want to start recording metal vocal covers and have a question
  82. Rate my singing voice.
  83. Advice for singing
  84. Making an acapella
  85. Opinions on voice?
  86. Review My Voice Plz
  87. Thinking Out Loud (Cover)
  88. Please critique my singing! :)
  89. Would like opinions on my voice
  90. Please rate my voice
  91. How does Maynard James Keenan sing like this?
  92. Backing Vocal techniques needed!
  93. Double tracking vocals
  94. Increase the Flexibility of Your Voice
  95. What makes a Good Singer Sound Great?
  96. Opinions on my voice.
  97. Lonesome road blues...folk style...vocal critique please
  98. Vocal chain.
  99. Voice Coach
  100. Please let me know what y'all think
  101. TLA 5051 mono valve compressor/eq/preamp
  102. Could you rate my voice?
  103. Karaoke for baritones
  104. how is my singing?
  105. How's my singing? (Still Into You by Paramore)
  106. Tuning in the studio
  107. My vocals stink and I know it.
  108. Great online resources for vocal training?
  109. mind to review my singing?
  110. Feedback needed on voice
  111. Please listen to my recording of Gravity by Sara Bareilles
  112. Our cover of Gravity by Sara Bareilles (with video link) - please provide feedback
  113. Please give feedback!
  114. my cover of Two Words by Lea Salonga
  115. Honest feedback on my singing voice?
  116. Death Metal Vocals
  117. Honest feedback on singing voice? (Again...)
  118. Female vocalist available for your projects! (FREE!!)
  119. My live acoustic cover of Stay with Me by Sam Smith
  120. hi new cover love me harder by ariana grande
  121. how is this song chorus sang and recorded
  122. My Attempt For Axl Rose Style Vocals
  123. Cardioid mics and shouting/hardcore vocals
  124. Feedback on voice please ? :)
  125. Can i sing
  126. Producer in need of hooks
  127. can i sing
  128. In spite of ourselves...John Prine cover...critique
  129. Nasal vocal buzz in recordings
  130. Looking for a singer to collaberate on a song
  131. U2 A Song For Someone - Cover...
  132. My acoustic cover of Dear Future Husband (Meghan Trainor)
  133. Beginner Singer Looking for Feedback! :) Critism Welcome
  134. New to this! First recording ive ever done just looking for feedback?
  135. New here and have questions
  136. Singer looking for critique
  137. Looking for some honest feedback on my singing
  138. Good Vocal Training DVDs ?
  139. not as robotic and soulless? vox critique welcome
  140. I need someone to critique my music cover (Very important)
  141. Acoustic cover of Ordinary by The Sam Willows (1 man band)
  142. You're the first people to hear me sing.
  143. acoustic cover song by audioslave
  144. Quick clip of me singing! Please listen and give feedback!
  145. One mash-up acoustic cover of Empire State of Mind and Just the Way You Are
  146. Covers by Singh
  147. Want to improve my singing, just purchased a new mic. Please leave feedback!
  148. See You Again - Charlie Puth (No Rap Cover)
  149. Our new cover "Love me like you do" by Ellie Goulding
  150. Trouble Singing? Try Vowel Emphasis
  151. Beginner singer! Advice ;)
  152. Some tips for me would rock
  153. I want to improve, need advices!
  154. Free piano instrumentals for singers!
  155. Need Feedback..new young singer
  156. Birdy - Skinny Love cover
  157. Flashlight - Jessie J (Acoustic Cover)
  158. Feedback needed on singing and vocal processing
  159. I Need Honest Feedback on my Singing!
  160. Rythem Help
  161. Lesson 1 vocal technique & singing!
  162. Frontman...or woman
  163. No One by Alicia Keys sung by Ellise 15 just recorded. Let me know your opinion
  164. Kacey Musgraves- Follow your arrow (cover) Beginner in need of advice
  165. How to hit high notes using recording techniques? (samples)
  166. Feedback?
  167. Are people just being nice to me? need some hardcore honesty !
  168. How to get your vocals to sound fatter and more powerful like a pop comercial track?
  169. Rate my singing please? New here! :)
  170. hurt by Christina Aguilera what do you think for a competition
  171. Am I abnormal?
  172. Please rate my singing, I'm a newbie :]]
  173. Rate my singing( I apologize if I've butchered this masterpiece) :)
  174. hurt by christina aguilera cover by ellise live at the fasttrack singing competitions
  175. Mixed voice? Could this be it?
  176. Issue with harsh vocals.
  177. Haven't singing for 5 months now I'm back again but having troubles.
  178. Just because she's awesome
  179. Any Help or Advice is Appreciated
  180. I love the brutal honesty here. Bash my vox! If you dare! ;-P
  181. "click bait". Seriously....it's called a "Forum for Feedback". Wankers!
  182. Am I a decent singer?
  183. jar of hearts by christina perri cover sung by ellise let me know your feedback
  184. Ain't got you by Alicia Keys sung by Ellise 15 at my Aunt's wedding
  185. can you understand me? diction/reverb review
  186. Looking for a singer.
  187. Metal singer for hire!
  188. just rate my voice
  189. Wedding performance coming up... need to improve FAST, Help!!!
  190. Suggestions for my band's singer.
  191. Wedding Performane Help... part 2 (audio of actual song)
  192. Does my singing voice ruin my throat?
  193. Just looking for some opinions
  194. Feedback for a very novice singer please?
  195. I wanna hold your hand by the Beatles Cover by Ellise
  196. Another new member wanting feedback/advice thread
  197. wanna help a newbie out? singing feedback
  198. Lay me down by Sam Smith Cover sung by Ellise 15 Let me know what you think?
  199. The gap between chest voice and falsetto/head voice
  200. My all (mariah carey) cover, simple phone recording
  201. The "Lava" Song (Cover) - Disney Pixar "Lava"
  202. baby one more time by britney spears i tried to do something original with this what
  203. Opinions on my singing? :-)
  204. The Moon Song - Ukulele cover
  205. Chest voice or Head voice?
  206. Anybody Else Struggle With This?
  207. My youtube channel :) Please rate my singing
  208. Nobody's Perfect by Jessie J sung Ellise 15 Let me know what you think
  209. La Vie en Rose - Ukulele Cover
  210. Cover of Jolene.....did your ears bleed? :o
  211. Is it worth improving my voice? Singing Simple Man (my way)
  212. Opinions/Critiques of my singing wanted!
  213. You can't come back written by Ellise Kibel Please give me feedback on my first song
  214. Opinion on my singing?
  215. Short part of Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams Cover.
  216. Critique My Vocals Please? (No Instrumental, Raw Audio)
  217. Tips on finding your singing voice?
  218. The Perfectly Wrong Vocal
  219. I need help on my singing voice
  220. Need honest opinion and advice on voice (acapella)
  221. Looking for an Emmylou Harris for remote recording
  222. Its said in good, but are they lying? Please judge me before I quit. 23.f
  223. Is it possible to completely remove vocals from an mp3?
  224. The teachers told me to quit singing and I feel really down!
  225. Drake vocal settings/new album
  226. help out here
  227. Judgement unto thy voice
  228. A quick look at recording pop vocals / harmonies / layering / Pads etc
  229. Im 15, and can i sing?
  230. I'm new here so I thought I would share some of my stuff...
  231. A cover of Ed Sheeran's "Make it Rain", a song written by Foy Vance
  232. How do you naturally lift your cheeks when singing?
  233. Rate this voice please.
  234. Photograph - Ed Sheeran (Ukulele Cover)
  235. How to find whistle register ?
  236. Please help me critique my singing
  237. Hi, I love singing, help me to improve
  238. Honest critique please?
  239. Singing like a folk singer..looking for feedback..Part II
  240. Is it possible to extend vocal range?
  241. I really need your Opinion on my singing voice
  242. Pitch and time software for vocal production
  243. Singing newbie needs help
  244. Need honest opinions on my voice pls
  245. What do you think of my singing?
  246. My Daughter's singing - Silent Moon
  247. One less plate (work in progress)
  248. I would like to introduce myself with a track I wrote. I need your help to learn.
  249. Please rate my vocals
  250. Can I get feedback on my voice?