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  1. TC helicon VLT does wonders
  2. I am weird... Please listen to my craziness. Let me know how you feel afterwards.
  3. Singer wanted for collab
  4. How can I make these vocals better?
  5. Please let me know...do I have hope? Lol.
  6. Looking for opinions.
  7. A Pop filter
  8. Chick rock!
  9. Blackbird cover
  10. free vst plugin for vocals
  11. Seasons in the sun Cover
  12. my song "slow destruction' melodic death metal
  13. o bla di o bla da cover by me
  14. Should this be happening?
  15. We can Work It out cover have i done justice in singing As well as Guitaring
  16. vocal mics and getting the best for your money.
  17. Range expansion Questions!
  18. Me at 5, renovating a 120 year old Theater
  19. When you record, is supposed to hear your voice in the headphones?!?!?
  20. You Got To Hide Your Love Away- The Beatles(Cover)
  21. Across the universe Beatles
  22. MIchelle Cover by me Here is another beatles cover by me with some off singing :(
  23. The Marriage of Figaro - by Elena House, 13 yrs old
  24. Death Metal Vocals
  25. Can I get some constructive criticism on my singing?
  26. You Got To Hide Your Love Away- The Beatles(Cover)
  27. Free original songs
  28. Cartel - Honestly (pop punk cover)
  29. collaboration?
  30. being your own choir
  31. Norwegian Wood john lennon Cover
  32. White Wedding - Cover
  33. Issue with recording
  34. Got Dad all dressed up to be in my Opera :D
  35. Do I need a compressor?
  36. Help with installing Auto tune
  37. Guys could you please help me with my vocal
  38. im not the best singer but im still gonna give it my all
  39. Any books/videos you'd recommend for singing?
  40. Elena the ELF singing "Nella Fantasia" by Sarah Brightman.
  41. Interface Clipping, Vocals. HELP!!!!!
  42. CAN I SING? Honesty is the best policy!
  43. I think I'm a singer...will you tell me if you do too? I desperately need to know...
  44. Soo, Do you think i should continue singing? So maybe i'm a bit impatient :P
  45. 2 Months later ... HAVE I IMPROVED? :)
  46. Because of You - Ne Yo Cover
  47. Jar of Hearts - Cover
  48. Jezebel - Sade Cover
  49. Hi All! Any suggestions on my vocals on this track?
  50. I Should've Kissed You - Chris Brown Cover
  51. Hi everyone! How is this vocal take??
  52. Climax - Usher Cover
  53. Rate my voice please
  54. Vocal problem + Losing Range
  55. Do i have any singing potential?
  56. Elena House singing "Chi il Bel Sogno di Doretta"
  57. Hey There Delilah Cover By Houda :)
  58. Sitting or Standing - does it affect your singing?
  59. Anyone got a "how-to" for this... Devin Townsend harsh-highs...
  60. Ways to improve singing range...
  61. Has anybody here personally increased his Chest voice vocal
  62. Trying to Record like a BOSS
  63. Low notes and volume
  64. sore when singing low
  65. Any tips for backing vocals?
  66. Two Covers - Dark and Light
  67. Ave Maria - Schubert by Elena House
  68. Toni Braxton Cover
  69. "Fifteen" by Taylor Swift cover
  70. Stand by me lennon cover
  71. Cover Spam!!!
  72. Singing for recording - process alters the result (bad)
  73. Will I Ever Fix This Pitch Issue?
  74. Would you rate my singing?
  75. Monster (Acapella Cover in one take - no autotune)
  76. Just Friends (Amy Winehouse Cover)
  77. And So It Goes (Billy Joel Cover)
  78. LesDynamic - Iron Carpet
  79. NOOB singer here, please listen! need objective opinions!
  80. Best Advice before recording?
  81. Please rate my singing!
  82. Tell me what you think! Singer or not?
  83. I'm sick of it. I'm done. It's me.
  84. Song to the Moon - Elena House - 13 yrs old
  85. Singing classic rock, feeling vs. notes? Rockin Robby - 13 years old
  86. Long Black Veil
  87. I got in a Movie because of these clips
  88. I Need a Vocalist For A Track
  89. first time singing - am i any good?
  90. How to Become a Better Singer
  91. New Hard Rock/Metal singer ... tips
  92. Making An 150+ Track Album and looking for artistic and creative minds to work with
  93. My Heart Will Go On - Tribute to my dog & best friend - Elena
  94. Hey check out my singing covers!!!
  95. Guys Singing Songs Sung By Girls
  96. Check out my singing covers!?
  97. Pale September (Fiona Apple Cover)
  98. Chewing gum while singing??
  99. Turning Page Cover
  100. What are some good videos for daily practice?
  101. 3 libras vocal practice
  102. Is this me?
  103. Metal/Rock - Do you really need head voice for the style?
  104. One song, one lyric, different singers.
  105. Singing with technique or just "freely" without thinking about anything like that?
  106. Very sad opera - Poveri Fiori by Elena House
  107. Tez Delay Vocalist
  108. My video clip for your review.
  109. Here's the best vocal practice you can do! SHOWCASE YOUR TALENT!
  110. Mamma Knows Best - Jessie J Cover
  111. Offering My Voice for recording your tracks if you need me
  112. Singing Sharp when you push your vocal too hard
  113. Singing w/feeling, an example?
  114. I don't really like my voice...
  115. I dont sound good when I sing?
  116. I am looking for a singer to work with!!!
  117. Lord of the Rings - Enya - May it Be - cover by Elena House
  118. Looking for singer and rapper !
  119. Need feedback
  120. Houstatlantavegas
  121. Elena House sings Ave Maria - Caccini
  122. What kind of microphone are you using
  123. When You Tell Me That You Love Me - Thoughts?
  124. Hows my singing! Singer to be or not to be hahah
  125. "Black Soles" Original Song
  126. insecure about voice
  127. A cleaner version
  128. What are your opinions on my sociology/citizenship song
  129. Phantom of the Opera - Think of Me - Elena House
  130. 3 Fiona Apple covers - Please let me know what you think!
  131. He's 9? Not 13 or 14 :-)
  132. (Yet another) What do you think of my voice for singing?
  133. Starting out Youtube channel, pls help!
  134. Jazz and Blues Scat Singing and Growls
  135. Seeking opinions on my vocal :)
  136. what do you think of my sound?
  137. Typical signal chain for vocal recording?
  138. Is the singer strange or is it me? Help
  139. "Live" from the Forbidden City - Elena House
  140. R'N'B and Soul singers
  141. Here There And Every Where - The Beatles Cover
  142. Please rate my singing
  143. Need A Vocal For Your Track?
  144. Opinions on mic/pre amp sound
  145. Don't Go - Rae Morris Cover
  146. LesDynamic - Loco Motives
  147. What is wrong with my voice?
  148. How can I get more confidence as a singer?
  149. Piano Man (?) Help
  150. Can someone record themselves humming or whistling a tune?
  151. The Hobbit - Misty Mountains Cold - Elena House
  152. Creep - Radiohead
  153. Improve Singing
  154. Saturday Night Special
  155. What you think of my voice? What can I improve?
  156. Three Exercises to Expand Your Vocal Range
  157. How to record loud section of vocal line
  158. Anybody up for recording a vocal track?
  159. Need to improve but have no idea how to?D:
  160. I wrote a love song, haha...
  161. Need Help!
  162. is my voice okay?
  163. Looking for the best sound
  164. What to improve on?
  165. Come and Get It (Eli "Paperboy" Reed Cover)
  166. Baby - Justin Bieber Cover
  167. Can anyone with Voice acting skills help me out?
  168. Jealous guy Cover by me
  169. Old dog, new tricks - improve vocal range?
  170. phrasing
  171. Don't know what vocal equipment to buy, any suggestions?
  172. And your bird can sing cover
  173. Recording chourse vs raping verses..... Dynamic/condenser???
  174. Soul sound-singers
  175. How do I know if I can sing?
  176. So I've been singing falsetto the wrong way for a while....
  177. Strawberry fields forever cover
  178. How do I get Vibrato?
  179. I know its not good...
  180. Black bird cover (This one is from my archive )
  181. This is the kind of crap I do when I'm bored...
  182. How did I do with this classic song?
  183. Songs with a different sound
  184. Vocal Technique / Issues
  185. Let's have a best cover of Hallelujah contest!
  186. Lullabye (Billy Joel Cover)
  187. Free Falling (Mitchell Fairweather Cover)
  188. Looking to collaborate with some vocalists. Electronic/?
  189. Me singing...what do you all think?
  190. Overkill?
  191. I just cant sing?
  192. Cat Stevens cover submitted for comments
  193. Music creation software for acapello vocal recording.?
  194. Is there Any hope?
  195. I'm trying to learn to sing classic 70s rock? It seems to be difficult to do - HARD!
  196. Original Song "Back to the Island"
  197. Singing help & questions!
  198. Did anyone do American Idol?
  199. How do I sound..?
  200. What do you think about my voice?
  201. Got a new mic, criticism wanted!
  202. The Hobbit - Misty Mountains Cold - Elena House
  203. How's my singing?
  204. critique me pls
  205. Is the singer single most important element of the song ?
  206. Vocalist looking for new projects - Got a song which needs a vocal?
  207. Need Help Adding Vocals To Instrumental
  208. Can a lost falsetto be regained
  209. My vocals - any thoughts?
  210. Ave Maria - Caccini
  211. What do you think about my voice?
  212. Dramatic Opera Aria
  213. How to regain Vocal Range?!
  214. "Live" from Paris
  215. my vocal both plans....any input?
  216. Request: record vocals for my song and send vox track to me?
  217. Eight days a week Beatles cover
  218. My Valen Cover (Sammy Hagar era) - Dreams
  219. How to record and mix screamed vocals?
  220. Please rate my singing
  221. Lord of the Rings - May it Be - Enya
  222. I Won't Give Up cover vocals
  223. Newbie needs feedback!
  224. She Loves you - The Beatles Cover
  225. Looking for a vocalist with decent gear for 5 songs...
  226. Would appreciate a critique (first time fronting a band)
  227. Water Nymph singing in Czech
  228. New singer - feedback needed
  229. Dont let me down - The Beatles Cover
  230. Vocal Booth
  231. Phantom of the Opera - "Think of Me"
  232. Girl-The BEatles Cover
  233. Help Cover - The Beatles
  234. My voice - what do you think ?
  235. bought so many mics thinking it'll make me sound better....does this happen to you?
  236. How does male vs female vocal Parametric EQ differ?
  237. What is wrong with my voice?
  238. Grainy/Raspy Voice for recording!?
  239. ribbon microphone VS condensers
  240. "Live" from the Forbidden City
  241. Is my singing good?
  242. What's vocalizing?
  243. What do you think of my voice?
  244. another what do you think thread
  245. This is an Indian classic tune hope you enjoy this
  246. P.S.- I Love You - The Beatles Cover
  247. What's the purpose of this forum?
  248. My vocals
  249. Have you ever seen a Classical Singer kick butt?
  250. I'm just a girl with a dream, question is, do i have any talent?