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Thread: How do you transfer all Tascam 488 tracks seperately to PC e.g. Reaper

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    How do you transfer all Tascam 488 tracks seperately to PC e.g. Reaper

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    I am new to this site so please forgive my ignorance. I have dug out my old Tascam 488 (8 track tape recorder) I used to use about 30 years ago. After all this time I am interested in recording again.
    I'm trying to embrace the 21st century and have downloaded 'Reaper'. The first thing I wanted to do was download all 8 tracks from my Tascam 488 recordings to 'Reaper' on separate tracks. Can this be done?

    Any help appreciated, Thanks.

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    I don't have a 488 but apparently it can be done. You will need an 8-in interface. I have a Tascam 16x08 USB with works well. Similar ones would be the Focusrite 18i020, M-audio Mtrack eight. Would want 8 line imputs.
    Check these two sites about how to hook everything up.

    TASCAM 8-Track Home Recording Tips and Tricks /

    How to get all 8 separate tracks together out of the TASCAM 488

    There are ways to do it a couple of tracks at a time, but then you have to sync up tracks individually once you get in the DAW. It can be done if you have a good marking point, but its better to do all tracks at once. BTW, You will need a multitrack DAW. Audacity will work but I found Reaper to be much better. Try before you buy so you can test it all out. Some interfaces come with Cubase or similar. I'm assuming you are working in Windows. If you have Mac, you have additional options,

    Good luck

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