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According to Les Cargill at worldnet.att.net, there is a way to get all the single tracks out from a TASCAM 488 MkII, although it's not pretty:

  1. Insert 1
  2. Insert 2
  3. F/X send 1
  4. F/X send 2
  5. Sub select out 1/2, panned left.
  6. Sub select out 1/2, panned right.
  7. Sub select out 3/4, panned left.
  8. Sub select out 3/4, panned right.

Then select sub 3/4 only for monitoring.

Now, to be perfectly honest, the first time I tried to dump my 488's tracks to my new digital recording setup, I went to this very page, and...couldn't quite understand what he was getting at. So here's now I did it. Remember that you'll always want to pan odd channels to the left (when appropriate) and even ones to the right:

  1. Line out L
  2. Line out R
  3. Monitor out L (use assign switches)
  4. Monitor out R (ditto)
  5. Effects send 1
  6. Effects send 2
  7. Cue out (it's mono, remember...set track 7 only)
  8. Sync out (hard-wired to track 8)

If you don't like some of my connections for some reason, you could try using the Insert outs on channels 1 and 2 like Les suggests.
-- Dragon


Les wrote me some email that got caught by a spam filter, but luckily I retrieved it from the bit bucket. Here are his elucidated instructions:

  • 1 & 2 can be extracted through the insert jacks. The inserts are TRS jacks (like a stereo headphone jack), and the tip is the "send" signal. The 1&2 and 3&4 ASSIGN buttons above the fader would both be open (up). Pan appropriately. You can use insert cables, although it doesn't hurt to short the return path so far as I know, so a regular 1/4" cable should work. Better to use an insert if you have one.
  • 3 & 4 can be routed through the monitor bus by pushing "3&4" on the ASSIGN buttons for those strips, and then routing 3&4 (and only 3&4) through the monitor bus (pushing the 3&4 button on the MONITOR select buttons, all other buttons up). Again, pan appropriately.
  • 5 & 6 are routed through the main outs by pushing the 1&2 ASSIGN buttons for strips 5&6 and pan appropriately.
  • 7 & 8 by using the F/X sends. No channel ASSIGN buttons pressed, but F/X send 1 knob for strip 7 up, and F/X send 2 for strip 8 up. Panning irrelevant.

Your way will work, too. I forgot about the sync out, or assumed it was switched to the sync switch, which would defeat dbx.

The (dis)advantage to "my" way is that the strip EQ for each channel is still intact. Not sure about the synch out, I think it's pre-EQ. No EQ on the Tape Cue circuit either. I call it a (dis)advantage because it might be nice if you could bypass EQ.

On Page 39, "Features and Controls" of my copy of the manual ( one of the pages that folds out double), the ASSIGN buttons are documented as item 15, and MONITOR buttons as item 23.
-- Les Cargill

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