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Thread: Looking for some assistance with Pro Tools First

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    Its a program with training wheels. Its not meant to be anything but a complete beginners introduction to pro tools. Per avid "Singers, songwriters, and musicians who are new to audio recording or Pro Tools" is the intended end user.
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    i think you'll regret buying this expensive daw when there are so many others that are equally as good and some better for a lot less money.

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    Pro Tools First is FREE, no cost, gratis, for nix, nada etc.

    It has most of the important features you will find in Pro Tools and is a great start out, below is a link to the comparison chart.

    Pro Tools | First - Compare - Avid

    Not sure why PT should draw so much hate, its just a tool, and looking at the comparison chart it comes with expand2 bundled, pretty good value for no cash.

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