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Thread: Purchasing Cool Edit Pro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by composer2005 View Post
    Basically just seeing what else is out there!

    Thanks to all!
    Cool, that's a good reason. I personally don't have the drive to learn different programs. I started on Cubase and have stayed with it through several upgrades. I tried Sonar and Reaper, but always find myself coming back to Cubase because it is familiar to me.

    A lot of people love Reaper. It's cheap. The developer seems to be on top of bugs. Demo license is based on the honor system (so be sure to pay for it if you continue to use it!!) It's got a big fan base here, but not many threads in the Reaper forum, probably because it just works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobbsy View Post
    ...but I take issue with the "such a simple programme" comments.
    Fair enough, I was talking out of my ass there. I actually haven't used it since the Cool Edit Pro days. I was definitely taken aback at the subscription model though. If I had to shell out $20 every month for using Reaper over the last 10 years, I would have paid close to $2500 for it by now!

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