ZupaNova - Killin It [BustardzZ Remix]


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I've still got a Nowhere account. Can you still upload stuff there? Should I try? Should I report back?

In the meantime, this tune's really good. Sorta transatlantic. I never in my whole life played a guitar like that. Not even the doubled one. Sure, I've played with that much intensity, but not perhaps with that much incandescence. I like the drum sound too except for when they're all naked - they were sacrificed to the mix, I think. Who's Mike Greenup?
Nice-The band sounds real tight and sounds like they were captured well. The drums sound a little papery (thin) to me, but it's a good track playing wise. Vocals sound good and he hits the notes-the harmonies are on-The guitar solo coulda been a bit louder it has an underwhemlming beginning volume wise imo. I like to hear more bass but that's just personal preference. Is that a lexicon echo? It has that nice buttery sound. : ). How recent is this? Oh btw I don't know what your post means but I clicked on the nowhere link and commented on that.



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Looks like the OP was deleted. Always such a pleasure for somebody's first post to be a link to their own song, no introduction or participation...just "check it!"...

But since you mentioned Nowhere Radio, that's a total blast from the past. I had an account on there for a while, but the place was in shambles. Looks like it's still kinda limping along. The last 3 news posts are dated 2002, 2004, and 2008, repectively. Forums are dead.


Wow! This thread turned into one big ball of confusion.

First of all, whichever mod deleted the OP only deleted their first post, but kept the thread, so it looks like Track Rat started this thread. It was actually some hip-hop dude, and his post said something like "Check it out", which is why Track Rat responded "No, I don't think I will".

But since the first post got deleted, you guys are commenting on the song that's in Track Rat's signature line, which has nothing to do with anything in this thread at this point in time.

That was all pretty funny to watch going down. :eek:
Yeah. You were asking how old the tune was, and I think that if it's on Nowhereradio then that means it's pretty old. I don't think it's anything more than an archive these days.

Well i'm 48 since you asked-track rat is a name i remember from my early days here and was happy to listen to something he put up. Not sure why you're responding to me in an insulting tone like that. All the blah blah about nowhere radio is irrelevant to me. I saw link and clicked link...pretty innocent really. Do we have a history i'm not aware of? as YOU are also someone i remember and was/am always happy to listen to your material too. Chill.