Zoom R8 questions


Need to replace my Boss BR600 as it is not compatible with Windows 10. I don't need anything super high tech, just something for a bit of on the fly recording with drum tracks and guitar effects. On the surface the R8 should do the job for me....A few questions...

Has the R8 been out for a few years? Is it an old model?

Can I use it purely as an audio interface to a DAW program on my PC if I wanted to record on Cakewalk or something? Reason I ask is the price secondhand of the one I am looking at is around the same price as an audio interface but with a lot more

Any help or opinions appreciated.


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You can use the R8 as an interface. I have an H4n and an R24 and both will work as an audio interface. That's not the way I use them. I do recordings direct to the SD card, and them pull the card and plug it into my computer to dump the files. They are in standard wave format, so it's easy. I can record 8 tracks on the R-24, then drag them straight into Reaper for any mixing/editing.

Here's the operator manual: https://zoomcorp.com/media/documents/E_R8_1.pdf and the instructions to use it as an interface: https://zoomcorp.com/media/documents/E_R8_AIF_0.pdf