Zoom R24 : Using the internal drum patterns ???


Hi Folks... Hope someone can help me with this issue.

Is it possible to pick an internal drum pattern and then record it onto a couple of the tracks?

I can't seem to do anything but play along to the pattern and then have it triggered after recording the guitar and vocal etc.

It sounds obvious but I can't figure it out... Thanks


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I never got around to using the internal drums. I've got an SR18 that I've used for drum patterns, and "played" the drum track directly into the recorder.

This guy has a tutorial on using the drums and loops. There are 3 parts, mostly showing how to build the loops. Its pretty lengthy.

As I understand, you can render the tracks down to a single stereo track after you have the song laid out. This guy shows that after you build your tracks, you just bounce them to a pair of tracks for the final stereo track.

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Thanks for responding... I did have a look at that guy but he took so long and I don't think he ever covered that idea...

Anybody else ??


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Sorry, but like I said, I haven't really tried to use the patterns. If you understand that, then the second posted video should be all you need.

I guess there's always the manual.... Just don't start reading it late in the evening. :yawn:


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Yes, Press the Rhythm Button.
Press Play to hear the pattern (ignore the grid)
Navigate through the patterns with the big Dial control or arrow up and down through them.
Once you have one you like, you will see at the bottom of the screen 'Edit', 'Kit', 'Assign', 'AZ'.
Hit the button below 'Assign'.
All the buttons at the base of the tracks light up red.
click the buttons at the foot of tracks 1 & 2 while holding down the Assign button (its the actual drum buttons, labeled Kick, Snare etc that you press).
Tracks 1 & 2 should show yellow lights and when you press play you will hear the drum pattern.
This sounds complex, but it takes 10 seconds,
I had to try it a couple of times to get it to work.
Don't forget the drum loops - they are real drums - not a drum machine.
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