Zoom R24 Sound Level Recording Problem


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I have this problem now which I've not had before and I've been recording with the R24 for a few years so it's got me stumped.
When I've done a final mix and it sounds perfectly fine on the R24 and I then transfer it to a USB and listen to the playback the sound levels are all over the place getting louder and then softer again. I've tried completely cutting back on reverb and delay but that doesn't make a difference. It's driving me crazy so I wonder if anybody out there has experienced the same problem and could advise me as to what's going on.



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I've never heard that on mine, although I usually do mixes on the computer. I have done some on the R24 in the past, and then listened to the final master track on other devices. They were fine.

Maybe you can post a sample after you get a few more post credits.