Zoom R24 Keep drum loops on finished project


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I haven't been able to figure out how or if I can keep a built-in drum loop on my "finished" project. Zoom support hasn't gotten back to me..

For example, I want to keep rhythm #298 on my finished project. During recording, the track lights are amber instead of red. And of course they don't save with the project file.

Anyone know how to do this or a simple alternative? It should also be noted that I'm a total noob.
I've never used the drum tracking on my R24, but there are several "tutorials" on Youtube that try to explain the process.

Hey man. Just want to say that this video was the answer. I did not see this one in my searches, but you provided it and deserve my thanks.

For anyone in the future with this scenario, you have to do a mixdown on your project with all volumes turned down except for the drum loop. It will then create a track called MASTER. That is your drum loop you can use as a final mix on your software (Cubase for me).