ZOOM F8n import audio files


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Anyone knows, is it possible to import third-party audio files, recorded on PC or another incompatible devices, to F8n tracks? For example, I need to copy the Drums.wav (44/24 Stereo) from the non-Scene Audio_1 folder on the memory card to the Scene folder F8n so that it has playback priority on tracks 1-2. Can the Finder be used to play mp3 from an F8n memory card that are not in Scene format? In other words, can F8n play audio without his metadata? And what is shown on display in this case?

I'm not the F8n owner, I only know that the manual says on page 51: «An "Invalid Take!" message will appear if the selected take is not valid». Didn't find any more information. Users who do YouTube reviews on F8n can't really say anything. I would be very grateful if someone from F8n owners will try to import audio and play standard mp3 without F8n format metadata.
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