YouTube Video Volume Levels

Brent Larimore

New member
Hello Community:

Maybe I am not in the best spot for this question but here goes.
I have several videos I have posted on YouTube. They are very simple:
A picture, with a song. That's it; all about the song.
So then I realize that everyone else's videos are louder than mine.
I was able to easily raise the volume of one video a few years ago but
evidently they have changed things around.
Are you still able to go in after the fact and raise your volume up
to their Standard Level?
If so, if anyone can share how this is done I will be very grateful!
Thank you for your help!


You can't change the video after it has been uploaded, AFAIK. All you can do is replace the audio with one of YouTube's pre-approved songs/soundtracks. Maybe someone else knows more about this, but I don't see it in the editor in the current version of Creator Studio.

You should research the loudness level that YouTube typically normalizes to (~-14dB LUFS), though certain kinds of content (e.g. voiceover/podcasts) will want to get mixed/mastered to lower levels, that is the level I use for music.