You wanna be perfectly tuned all the time ?


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Holy Cow !...that fantastic little clip-on tuner....Geezuss I'm so happy with my latest guitar accessory thingy: a little $15 chromatic tuner that clips on your headstock, reads darn well in the dark and even under daylight, gives the tempo. It's not cooking diner, but almost !

Everytime I play my guitars now, I have that li'lle wonder clipped on and I can assure anyone I'm constantly in perfect pitch/tuning. That thing is so sensitive.....really, for all those who'll try it, you might want to get rid of any other tuners you have !

That good !

...and a mere 15$ (here in Montreal, Canada) !

Now, whenever I wanna change my standard tuning to an alternate one, it definitely help speeding things up.

This isn't a paid advertisement from the company making that little wonder. That's why I dont mention the brand. But just head to your nearest guitar center and simply ask them for that little blue clip-on tuner...maybe it's just me but, I find it so freaking fantastic !

P.S.: And as a's kinda cool to have that little tuner clipped on the headstock, it's like a turbo boost gauge on a car dash !!...ahahahah....


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Actually, I think clipping capos and tuners onto your guitar, as well as having excess stringage wound up or pointing out from your machineheads is a sign of not-coolness - I just put the capo on my mic stand, but I guess if you don't sing, this isn't an option.

The other suggestion towards always being in tune is to put yer strings on properly and play a quality axe... mebbe one set in 10 would I ever have to touch a tuning peg mid-set, if that, but I guess it depends on the style you're playing to some extent, doesn't it.

I use a floor pedal tuner that I can quickly access without appearing to be tuning at all...


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Check out the Strobostomp.....though I'm not sure what you mean by "reliable"?

That they don't always work/power up....or are you referring to accuracy in the tuner, that sometimes it's one reading and sometimes another???


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Now they have a pedal that shows you the tuning of all 6 strings at once..... Yes, it is a good idea to play in perfect tune, especially if you are playing with a keyboardist on stage...


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I have and do use both clip-on and stomp-box tuners, and I like 'em both, see nothing wrong with either. I can tell you, it's hard to use a stomp-box tuner with an acoustic guitar...;)

I've used my clip on to tune a glass harp, (stemware with water in them, that you play by running your fingers along the rim.) Try THAT with a stomp-box tuner!:D


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Now they have a pedal that shows you the tuning of all 6 strings at once...

Wasn't that something TC Electronics put out...I seem to recall?
The first thought that came to my mind was why seeing all six strings at once mattered when you still have to tune them one by one. :) can instantly see if only one is out, but chances are 9-out-of-10 times you will STILL go through all 6 and touch them I really couldn't see a major benefit to that, other than it was cool from as technological design perspective....otherwise, just another gizmo for the accessory pouch in your gig bag. :D


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Being that most guitars are different from each other, set up wise, and the given limitations with the intonation of the beast, it's a bit much to expect one cheap, clip on tuner to keep all those animals alive.

I use a simple, old school tuner and memorize how to tune each string of every guitar i own, according to how they play.


I bought one of those little blue Snark clip on tuners from Amazon. Seems to do the job OK. I even used it to tune up the 36 strings of an autoharp pretty quickly.

I got one also and I love it,but I don't leave it clipped on.It's easier to see the readout from the headstock and it has a nice display.