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Trying to help a chap over at SoS.

He has an SM7b (lucky b'std!) and wants to upgrade his amp/ADC chain but needs at least basic EQ going in, and running in real time.

An initial suggestion was a late gen USB mixer (24 bits) but then I looked at the signal diagram for the A&H ZEDi-8 and the USB converter is fed PRE EQ. There is a solder pad option to change it to post but few HR'ists are qualified to crack open kit a poke it with a solder iron and that would in any case void the warranty?

The more expensive ZED 10USB does at least run post EQ but even that has USB fed PRE pan.

I have just sent an email to Gear4 Music, a company I have had some bits from, asking if they could supply a suitably modified mixer. I shall update you all as and when...

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