Yamaha PRS 400


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Many years ago, I purchased a Yamaha PSR 400, mainly for use as a family

Now it has been made redundant in that department, I am planning to use it
as a "master" keyboard for use with my DAW. I don't care how terrible the
synth is, it has playable keys, and that's all I need.

I have two problems however. One is that I have lost the manual. When
looking through the Yamaha web site, I found their manual archive. However,
the PSR 400 is not listed. It only has the newer models. Does anyone know
where I can get the manual? Does anyone have a copy? Does any one have a UK
support number for Yamaha?

My other problem is that I have read in the only other posting about the PSR
400 at remarq.com, that it has major problems with its MIDI circuitry. Is
this the case? Can anyone confirm or remedy this?

The posting can be found at
http://www.remarq.com/transcript.asp?g=&tn=10000000&sh=feecb10d7a728d67&str=PSR+400&i dx=0

Any help is appreciated,


Only just noted that I got the post name wrong! Should have been PSR not PRS!

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