yamaha mg10xu as a guitar input


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So I’m trying to use this mixer with my iPad for recording my guitar. I also want to route the audio to a powered monitor connected to the mixer. i Have everything connected and when I play the guitar I can hear it through the speaker and see that GarageBand is getting a signal both in and out.
howerver the sound of the guitar is not affected by any of the plug-ins in garageband. It is just a dry signal. No matter if I used gb amp sims or something like positive grid bias fx.
I’ve successfully recorded drums this way so I am baffled as to what might be wrong with my setup for recording guitar.
How are you connecting the mixer to the iPad - USB or audio cable? Monitoring options are limited when using a mixer as the audio interface. Assuming you are using USB, the USB button needs to be pressed in on channel 9/10 on the mixer. Don't know Garageband, but assume there is a 'monitor' button that needs to be selected for the guitar channel.