X32/m32 routing question.

rob aylestone

Anyone familiar with the routing on these. I want to set a pair up in a particular way that seems to not be possible. I want to have an X32 on stage, operating basically as a fixed item that simply takes the sound sources own stage and splits them to the P16 monitor system. The other 32 is front of house and it's output comes out of the M32 stage box the two mixers are connected to. What I want is for the primary mixer to be the stage one, but not have any outputs connected, the Foh mixer is the number 2 mixer. If I want the audio from the Foh mixer to come out of the M32 stage box then it seems to have too be the primary mixer, with the monitor desk syncing to the digital A line. Sometimes, we use splits - for festivals now, and don't want the Foh mixer at all - we just sniff the stage sources and run our p16s, but to do this involves unplugging network cables and swapping them and then changing sync to internal. I want to have the stage mixer connected to the M32 permanently and the Foh as secondary- which is perfectly possible - BUT - and here's the problem, I cannot seem to route the Foh mixers output to the outputs on the M32 stage box - these seem to always link to the mixer designated as the sync source.

I want the Foh mixer to be the optional one, but when it's wired, to use the outputs on the M32. This doesn't seem to be possible.
The problem is that I wish to set the system up as I explained. Or explain it more simply, if you think this helps, is that I wish to have a system that can have, or not have an x32r in the stage rack providing the interface with the p16 system, that can have one cable added to make the Midas m32 provide foh mixing with its output from the 32 channel stage box, WITHOUT needing rewiring in side the rack. This at the moment is not possible because to get output to the pa requires it to take control and be the sync source.

I know this is what I wish to do, because it meets my requirements. I suspect I just can't do it.plan b is what I'm doing at present, have to keep changing the plug up, and having to swap the x32r from internal source to the network A connection, which is simple to do but annoying.

I suppose my question should be "how can I route an output from the mixer set as a slave to another so it's output comes out of the stage box?"

I think I said this in the first post, so not quite sure why you asked these questions? Do you have a solution? That would be great. Even a definitive NO, you can't do this would also help. I could be sewrching for something it just cannot do.
whome - thanks for trying, but I cannot explain any more than I have. I have two products I wish to connect in a slightly unusual way. I wish to do this because it is how I want it to work. If it is not possible, I'm cool with the workaround I already have. I was hoping somebody with one, and experienced with the workarounds we keep discovering, would say "aaah - you do this', not quiz me on why I wish to do it, and tell me I'm stubborn. The Midas forum suggests that it's not possible but I live in hope somebody has found a way.
So what is the REAL requirement not what you wish to do.
Laughed my socks off - What I wish to do IS the real requirement - what a Rodney statement!

Thanks for trying but you clearly have never connected two of these together, so forgive me if I don't waste any more of your time. I apologise for not speaking your variety of English, and not being able to communicate at your level - whatever that actually is. If you don't know what a Rodney is, Google only Fools and horses.
Wow this thread is weird with admins efforts to keep this a shiny happy people kind of place.. I got me one of them there xr-18 thingamajigs and it sure is a wonderful piece of electronic wizardry! Way beyond my pay grade but I can get it to do way more than I ever dreamed I would be able to using....Behringer you done good...