Writing lyrics to an existing song bed

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Trailing Behind Again
So someone writes a song (say me, for instance), but then wants to redo the whole thing, but they (I) like the instrumental part enough that they (I) want to rewrite to fit that.

Have you ever done that? I am having a hell of a time at it.

Here is a link to the song in question, if someone else wants to give it a try:


I wrote this, but most of the guitar work is Anfontan, and Chili added the piano. The drums are gregL.
The bass is me... :o

You can download it from there, I think, if you have soundclick account.

I went the love song route with it, but I am rethinking that. For some reason, I'm stuck on love songs lately, and I want to break away from there. A two year hiatus from writing is probably the culprit.

Give it a try. Post what you come up with.


Trailing Behind Again
Here are the lyrics that I came up with originally. They will probably get scrapped:

Lying beside you here in the dark
In the afterglow of our love
I want to stay like this forever
I feel so safe, here in your arms
I’ve been so lonely without comfort
No one to share my hopes and dreams
But here we are in a fateful connection
Just like I thought it would always be

Wrapped up in a love so tender
Can’t live without you by my side
I can feel your passion building
To a point that you just can’t hide

I want to be in this love forever
Take my hand and show me that you care
Tell me that you’ll always love me
I promise you I will always be there
To have and hold, honor and cherish
Till death, my love, do we part
I want to be in this love forever
I pray we will always be
Forever in love

I’ve been alone, and I’ve been deceived
I’ve been wrong about what I feel
I’ve learned to tell when it won’t last forever
I’ve learned to tell when it’s not real
So I can tell you this time is special
Those old suspicions are no longer there
My heart is ready to give in to you
Because I know that you really care

I had no life before you
I was born the day we met
When you pour your love into me
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