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I have very basic and low quality monitors so I don't trust them too much (I use the headphones to mix and monitors to only check). But, this sounded great on my headphones (beginning to end) and I didn't notice any real issues. Great Rock vibes!


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First off, it's damn good for mixing only on headphones... that's a feat in itself. My attempts have always ended badly.
The thing that belies you is the stereo image, which is really really hard to nail if the image is not outside and in front of you.

I wanted to hear more of the bass guit and kick, which probably means your cans are bass heavy and it sounds right in them.
The bottom end is strange to my ears, the guitars could be high passed a bit more, or use a low pass filter and mono the stuff below 450Hz from the guit's

(BTW: I'm listening on HR824 v2's & no special room, just my study)
Rule of thumb, below 200Hz: mono or close to mono is a good idea, especially on things that have a stereo delay applied

I liked the tone of everything though, and the kit mix sounded good except for lacking kick drum IMHO
Bass was really low in the mix to me, I'd parallel compress it to make it easier to compete with the guit's body and sustain.

HTH, All the best, Br3ttski