Wishful Thinking (acoustic pop punk)

How's the mix?

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Hey y'all,

I haven't posted here in quite some time.

I've finally (almost) finished a song I've been working on for 9 months. I still need to listen with fresh ears + in the car + on monitors, but this is pretty much how it's gonna sound.

I would greatly appreciate feedback as I plan on making a few final tweaks this week before sending it to mastering.

(song starts at 0:20)

Final mix: Wishful Thinking 06082019finalmix.wav - Google Drive

Thanks so much!
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This is really nice.

The singer reminds me of Ben Folds.

The vibe is slightly country.

Mix sounds very nice thru my iPhone ear buds.

Very well done.


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I really like the entire thing. The production is excellent. Instrument separation and placement is certainly exceptional. The choices for the tones and textures and effects used on each track really fit well together..........except.........for the vocal. You may have wanted to purposely create that distinction for the vocal....but to be honest and certainly ONLY IN MY OPINION......it makes the vocal just a little too dry. The effects used throughout the song are so well done. Have you thought about just a touch of reverb and or delay on the vocal track? If you left everything the way it is that would be fine too. Just master it and let us hear it.

Big Thier

Thanks a lot for the comments.

The vocals is what I did last, and haven’t spent nearly as much time on VS the instrumental which I’ve been tweaking for months. I get what you’re saying for the reverb on them though and will try adding more. I tend to be conservative with reverb because in solo, it actually sounds like there’s quite a lot of reverb already, although not so much in the whole mix. There’s also some delay on them, but not a lot.

Will post an updated version later tonight.

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I think you were totally right. See the first post, I added my new mix. Looking forward to hear your feedback on it.

What I'm the most curious about right now is the vocals' volume relative to the rest of the song.
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Big Thier

Planning on sending it to mastering on Saturday morning. If anybody else could chime in, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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I'd bring the vocals a little forward. They're not lost listening on my Focal CMS40s, but when I put the track through my single mono Avantone they seem less present than I think is ideal. Perhaps they don't need a lift in level, but a little tweaking of the EQ?


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there is 20 seconds of emptiness at the beginning of the track.
you need to top and tail your mixes before posting.

i like the ambient opening..
the first line of the lyric is not intelligible..

doesn't come together until the "walks on the shore" line...

the low end seems weak. i can't tell if there is a real bass in there, or if it's a synth or keyboard,
but bringing it up a bit would help give the song some weight;
it's a bit thin in the midrange.

there are some sibilence issues on the lead vocal.

i liked the buildup at 2:41, but then when it drops out,
the next section comes in a bit lower in level,
and makes it feel like the song lost some speed.

the mix is good,
but it can be improved.


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I know exactly the vibe you're going for, and this is very nice. Nice commercial appeal (that's a compliment). I know you have this down as pop punk acoustic, but I'm getting bits of Death Cab for Cutie and Owl City type stuff in here. Nice atmospherics. It will be nice to see how the master turns out. All the best to you!

---------- Update ----------

Oops, just saw your post with the mastered version! :)
I think the acoustics could come up in the first section.
That sounds like the particle reverb on my zoom pedal : )
ok moved to the mastered version now-acoustic more in the mix i think it could come up still
I like the place the vocal sits in the second version much better
I would have more distinction between the parts-the chorus is halfway over before you realize it started
where's the tambourine?
The second vocal in that 2:10 ish section sounds too much like/seems louder than the first-i would try to make them a little more distinct
I really like the song and the vibe-good singing-and nice difference between the first post and the you tube vid.