Wireless Headphones for Computer Recording?

Gareth Williams

New member
Hi, there is no particular forum for this subject but I thought MIDI was closest because it’s computers. Does anybody know if you can get wireless headphones and set them up so that when you play in your computer they work regardless of whether you have the audio output device set as built in output (computer headphone socket) or your sound card, in my case an Apogee Duet?

When you have the Apogee set as the output the headphones go into the Apogee and nothing comes out of the computer.

I use a 2014 i-Mac. The headphones cable is really getting on my nerves when practicing. I’ve been putting up with it for a year or so but now I need to practice more because I’m doing open mics. There is a lot of pedal use in my songs, distortion on off for clean bits and heavy bits etc. and the headphones wire really gets in the way!

Any advice would be appreciated. :-)