Will Tascam MTS-30 MIDI Tape Sync work with my Tascam MS-16?


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After reading parts of the manual, it seems like it would work, but curious what any of you here that have used the MS-16 know for sure before I spend $$
I use a lot of vintage MIDI synths and my goal would be to just make sure I can run a sequencer after I lay a drum part from a machine down on tape or if I need to make a punch in, etc. Would be nice for the machine’s speed to control my MIDI tempo

Or is there a better choice? SMPTE? etc.

Thanks all.
So you want the MS16 to be the master and your sequencer to slave from time code stripes to track 16 of the MS16 right?

If so the MTS-30 will do that, or you can look for something like a JL Cooper PPS-100…there are a few options.
Personally I would look for something that uses proper SMPTE timecode. Sweetbeats suggestion of the PPS100 does use SMPTE but I wasn't impressed with the one that I had. It lost sync very easily if the tape stripe was anything less than perfect. In comparison, the Fostex 4050 and MOTU Digital Timepiece were much more reliable. The Digital Timepiece is almost certainly too complex for your needs but MOTU made more basic units too.
Thanks guys! Yes, @sweetbeats, that is what I was wanting to do. I actually just did a test where I recorded about 3.5 minutes of drums at 85BPM from my main master keyboard (Korg Kronos), that controls the rest of my MIDI synths. Then I recorded an arpeggiation on top of that and it never lost track, so far my tape isn't drifting... at least in 3 or so minutes... over a longer time it may.

Thanks @jamesperrett, not looking for super complex. I worked with SMPTE on the MCI JH24 we had in the studio in the 90s. We did video work there too. Seems a bit overkill even though I dream of being a composer for TV/Film... probably not in the cards for my future, but we can all have dreams! ha ha

Even though I had a brush with SMPTE back in the day, I'm really new to this concept and happened to see the MTS-30 come up locally for $100. Didn't want to throw good money after bad if it wouldn't work.