Will Pro Tools LE 8 run on Windows 10?


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Follow up question: are there any newer versions of Pro Tools that do not run on the subscription model? I'm not interested in paying to rent software.
Avid still still a perpetual license although it costs a lot! It comes with one year updates/support so when the year ends you retain a license to use whatever version is public at that time.
Avid have LE8 as compatible with XP/Vista/7. 10 is not supported but if you own a copy there'd be no harm in installing it to find out.
Quite often unsupported combinations work just fine. Sometimes they don't.

Protools 12 probably would have been a sweet spot for price/compatibility but I doubt you'd be able to find anywhere to buy a new 12 license now.
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My understanding is that if you buy a license now to get Protools 2020 then they release 2021 a few months from now you get a license for that because you're under a 1 year updates plan.
If they release 2022 18 months from now, you do not get that, unless you chose to pay to renew the update plan.
Your license will be stuck at V 2021.

I meant "retain". Edited
thanks for clarifying. i'm absolutely not interested in any sort of subscription based model for software, though. if that ends up being my only option i'll just switch to Reaper or something.
That's not a subscription model.
They have subscription models but this is just your regular buy-it-and-own-it model, which happens to include a years worth of version updates.

A true subscription model would be you pay for a month, or year, then when that's over you have nothing at all.