WILD ONE by The Story of the Sun


Good heavens, this thing sounds really well mixed and mastered. Was this done by a third party professional? Are you guys a band? Sounds fat and awesome. Guitars are panned nicely - how many layer of guitars are going on, just a simple left and right pan from two takes? Drums are awesome and surely must be real and mic'd off a real drummer. The vocals are okay - not bad - but somewhat pitchy and off key occasionally. The harmonies are good, I might even make them more prominent. Fix the pitchy vocals and you have a perfect pop song.


Thanks for listening and commenting. So, yes, these are real drums with a little bit of samples to help the drums out. We mixed this ourselves. Guitars have a few layers, helix and DI guitars. We can take a better look at vocals to solidify this. Really appreciate your feedback man

Bulls Hit

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Wow very cool. Great old school jam. I like the vocals on this. You could compress and gain them up a little more imo in the verses. Guitars and drums are blending well too. Nice jam