"Wild And Alive" - dreamy synth/acoustic ballad

gecko zzed

Grumpy Mod
Early thoughts:

Voice has great character.

Strong structure is fine, and the general ambience works well.

Were I to be mixing this, I would pull back the synths a bit to make them a bit more subtle and so they don't commandeer the sonic landscape. That would also allow the guitars some space, and we'd get to hear more of their texture.

I note the phasey effect on the voice, but I think the voice is good enough not to need it.

Lead break is very tasteful
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Hair Metal Roxx!
I like how this sounds on my system...really like the space on the drums. Agree on the synths coming down a little as I think they are causing some clash with vocals in parts. Good sounding song!


Thanks guys for the listens so far. I hear you on the dominant synths - but I really really want this to be an otherworldly synth-driven track.