Wicked Game (cover)


Listening on laptop speakers so not the best audio quality (my end, not yours), but everything sounds really good. Not real fond of the snare, but it grows on you after a while. I guess it just sounds like you have a brush in the left hand on the snare and a stick in the right on the cymbal, and as a musician that kind of throws my brain. If you could find a brushed cymbal sound? :D
Anyway, great playing and nice voice! :guitar:

mark skinner

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BroKen H , Good ears . Yeah the cymbal was also brushed but got really thinned out and bumped up in volume during final mix and mastering . A friend in another country did this remix and master. We're not finished swapping files yet and still a work in progress. Thanks for the listen and comments. mark


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Really like the sound of this, especially the guitars. Could you tell us a bit about your signal chain? Particularly fond of the electric guitar -- what are you running through?

mark skinner

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Thanks for the listen and comments. I'm on my 4th mix /master now and can't make my mind up yet. The electric guitars have remained the same. To sidewiththeseed , This was recorded in "Cakewalk by Bandlab" using all stock plugins. The G&L asat guitar is very clean on its own with less of a Tele twang. Ran thru a Randall T2 (clean) amp simulator/digital delay/sparkling chorus/wide rhythmic delay/Plate reverb. It really didn't come together until adding the plate. There is also the free "RAUM" airy reverb riding herd (real low) on the entire mix. I saved my signal chain as a preset and using it now on an original song. RAUM is well worth getting. Enjoying the sound .. mark

Bulls Hit

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Great version of a timeless classic. Vocals are excellent and follow the original but with their own quality. On my studio speakers they have good presence and maybe slightly forward at times. Nice guitars too. You'd have to be happy with this. Good job


Heavenly strat tones and soulful playing. I'm guessing you used an amp sim with almost no gain? Essentially DI recorded? Drums, bass and vocals are well balanced. Love the sultry, gravely vocals. Sounds better than Isaac's semi-corny rockabilly coo'ing!

mark skinner

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Stevie , Thanks for the great comments. Yeah I added no gain to the Randall T2 amp. I use this one a lot and have been looking for a real one for quite a while. mark


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Nice voice. I see that this is mastered? The mix is good but the volume level is pretty low for a mastered track when compared to other recordings.
Did you master it yourself or have someone else do it?