Why newbie???????

Idk...Have you learned anything in those 9 years? ;)

Just kidding, of course. It's based on post count and/or reputation, as far as I know.
I'll test the rep theory. :)


47 posts in 9 years? That's less than 1 every 2 months. Hopefully you've been learning, if not contributing.


hi ...I read the forums a lot and only really contribute when I know what I'm talking about...I'm 65 and have been in music since I was around 10..First recorder was a mono Wollensak recorder. Went through most of the tascams over the years all the way to a Studer A800 mk3. ............Co owned a little 8 trk studio in Chapel Hill N.C. back in the late 70's....Stennamaroo asked had I learned anything here..You bet..You never stop learning. Doing digital now but still have a bunch of analog gear and will use it till I can't afford to fix it anymore....Anyway,I was just asking...lol Guess I am a newbie here...But I'll keep coming back....You guys have a good one.....:guitar:


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I'm also here since 2009...and I have over 17 thousand posts. :facepalm:

Sometimes I wish (as I'm sure many other people here do :p ) that I only had 51 posts like you, and was still a forum "newbie". :laughings:

By the way...at some point (not sure how many posts you need, I thought it was 50)...you can go to your user profile and give yourself a custom title...so instead of "Junior Member" you can call yourself something else...like "Senior Member"...or "Swollen Member", etc. ..be creative. :D


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hi ...I read the forums a lot and only really contribute when I know what I'm talking about...

Hmmm. Maybe I could learn something from the 'newbie'.
I've been here a couple of years and have over 3k in posts

I still don't know what I'm talking about. At least not to warrant in excess of 3,000 posts.
Maybe 5 or 10 tops.

Ok, I'll shut up now.