Why musicians friend sucks


You all know about the great deal on minidiscs musicians friend was having. Well I, too, recieved the TDKs. No big deal, I said, I'll send them back and get my sony's. Well today I recieve my replacement minidisc's. Hmmm....these are weird sony's! They say TDK all over them! How odd...So I call up customer service:
"Yeah, I sent back my TDK's for sony's, and you sent me TDK's again"
"Oh, well, the TDK's are made in the same factory as the sony discs"
"I don't really care where they are made, I ordered sony's, and I want sony's"
"Well they just send whatever is in stock"
"You know what? forget it - after shipping these things back twice for $8 a pop, it's not such a great deal anymore. I'll just keep the TDk's"
"Okay, well I can give you a store credit for the shipping costs"

yeah...like I'm gonna buy anything there again...What if I order a guitar, but all they have in stock is banjo's?

Hey Nil of Bog:

Well, man, I've got three more discs coming, probably tomorrow. If they are a repeat, I'll call back and tell them where they can put their TKD's.

However, when I called the first time, I did get a "ship it free" on E=mail from them; however, I didn't use it; I shipped the discs back "certified mail." I did this, just in case they got lost? Well, if funny 140 discs come tomorrow, I'll fire them back again. I hate false advertising and if MF does this, they are really a M>F>

I'll keep you informed.

Green Hornet

Like I said before, I think there made by the same factory, I just hope they work the same. Never had one bad Sony disc. It's not worth shipping them back.
Yo Stan the Mahn:

If you came into my hypothetical restaurant and ordered shrimp cocktail and you got mussles with cream, well, man, would you eat them or send them back?

Tires are made in the same factories too; but, who wants any Firestone?

I bought a GM car; I think the body frame is used for four or five different GM cars; however, they shipped me the brand name I ordered; if I got any other, I wouldn't have written the check.

If you buy butter and get margerine, is that all right?

Also, there's fried chicken and ground up processed chicken with warts. Which one do you want?

I won't argue that the discs might be the same; however, man, what I order is what I want, exactly.

What would you rather have attack you in the ocean? A Great White or a minnow?

Green Hornet
Hey man I just bought a snare from Mars music. Have you been over there yet? I am closer to the one in Aurora but I think there is one in Thorton too. You might give them a look see, I was actually pretty happy with a big corporation music store for once.

BTW we got a show at The Bluebird but I am not sure if it is all ages or not, I will let you know when I find out.

Today I received a replacement (pc)monitor from Philips for my 17" that shit the bed. Fast delivery - too bad they sent me a 15".

Couple days ago I bought 50mb of web space from a certain company. Couldn't connect using my domain or IP address today, so I called and left a message. They called back really quick - too bad they've never heard of me.

Yesterday I called the fucking Maytag Man to tell him that my washer has decided to bypass the spin cycle on each and every wash. He didn't seem to give a shit.

It's been a great week.

Yo Great Nil of Bog:

Yep, you're right; Musician's Friend is a huge VACUUM.

I got my replacement discs and they, too, said TKD all over them.

I've examined the Sony disc in its package and the TKD and they do look like they were cloned in the same place.

I did find out that finally MF has "red-flaged" that order number and they are now telling callers that it's the TKD they will be sending.

I'm in the same boat with shipping costs although MF did send me freebie on E-mail for UPS shipping. My post office is a block from my pad; UPS is about three miles. So, I paid for the shipping and had it certified.

I told the rep that if I ordered a Caddy and was sent a 49 Ford, that would end my association with that company.

He was willing to take them back but I said I'd keep them and avoid December lines. But, I'm not done; when it comes to words, there are so many that lixiviate through my brain and I'm going to send a few of those well-composed words to the President of MF. He is also probably a MF too.

Glad I didn't order something of greater consequence.

Green Hornet
MF Good...except the prices.

I've always had good luck with MF. They will pay for return shipping. Be firm with them on that point. Just don't expect miracles during the Holidays. The only hassle I hate is price matching on the higher tag items ($50 or more difference) requires an email. Even that depends on who you get...
I will never refer Musiciansfriend to anyone!!! I have in my possession now (and about to be shipped back) a piece of equipment that was advertised as new but came with RECONDITIONED stickers plastered all over it!! This after I asked them directly in a phone conversation "Is this a reconditioned unit? I don't want a reconditioned unit!!" They flat out lied to me!
Sam Ash is no better. They spout off about how they will match or beat anybodies Ad but when I produced an 8thst.com printout for an MD8 for $999.00 total cost they called their corperate office and reneged on their promise. Does anyone know if http://www.8thst.com is legit?
Well, like I said, I'm going to keep the TDK's. But the dude at MF wrote it down in my file that I was unhappy and wanted sony's. So as soon as these TDK's jack up my MD8, they're going to be sending me out a new one of those. It's a good thing I'm related to a lawyer.
YEah, zzounds sent me my md8 reconditioned. It said "in stock" when I ordered it, yet they didnt reserve one for me. I almost had to wait another 6 weeks. But they found the reconditioned one and I just kept it because I didnt want the wait. But nobody ever told me it was reconditioned.

Jon- Yeah I went down to the mars in littleton. It wasnt too bad. I like their setup better than guitar center - and they seem to have a better selection with a lot of things.

Yep, I had trouble with them last month. I ordered my son a guitar from there and the maple fretboard wasn't in stock in the color he wanted so I ordered his next choice. A week later I called to ask when I could expect it to arrive and they told me it was on 'back order'. The reason I ordered this particular color was because the ones he wanted were 'not in stock' and ordered from the choices that he gave me. What's the difference between 'back order' and 'not in stock'. Anyway, I cancelled the order and ordered one the other day from Music 123, anyone ever deal with them?
Musician's Friend suck because they're now affiliated with The Guitar Center. And the Guitar Center sucks too.
Yo Amigos:

Just posted a note to MF's president and told him how many unhappy people are out here, especially due to false advertising.

No answer yet; maybe never. But, I gave him cause to take some Beyer. [not the cans]

It's too bad a large dealer does stuff like this and tries to cop out yeah;they would have taken them back and given credit; however, after one pain in the bacala sending back the wrong discs, people tend to get water excretioned-off. [I kind of like that euphemism.]

So, MF, go and take a flying sexual excursion because you'll never see any more pezzutos from the Green Hornet.

Green Hornet
Ah, I got one:

Seeing a selection of ten to twelve things you "searched" for, but half of them don't exist because they don't stock them anymore.

However, they do this as a "courtesy" so that we can see the product we can't buy.

Anyone else have this happen?

I bought my Yamaha MD4s from 8th st music, not over the net I went down to the store, i live right outside philadelphia which is where they are. The MD4s advertised on their Web Site said it was a B-stock unit from the yamaha factory and that they had 3 of them in stock. Well when i went down to the store and It was C-stock and didnt have a manual and the box was really beaten up and was packaged with loose "popcorn" and it was the Last one they had. So imagine if i ordered it over the net and someone had already bought that last one, i think they are still advertising the MD4s as " 3 in stock " and i bought the last one back in August. Anyway the unit itself was in perfect condition and i havent had a problem with it, it was only the packaging that looked real bad. The store its self is pretty cool its been in philly for 50 years and is really small but packed with stuff. Its like a mom and pop deal, but even small stores dont advertise their inventory correctly.