why does my live mix clip even at low volume

They're "capable of" +22dBu, but they won't be putting out that level unless you run the signal up to the top of the VU meters. Mackie boards of this era refer 0 dBVU on the meter to 0 dBu at the balanced outputs. The unbalanced levels will be -6 dB from that, so 0 dBVU will give -6 dBu at the unbalanced outputs. I'm pretty sure the main and submix outputs are active balanced, while all the other balanced outputs are impedance balanced, so using the 1/4" main mix outputs unbalanced will probably give the same level as the RCA outputs. But in general I agree, running "normal" levels (averaging around 0 VU) will probably be a bit hot for an oversensitive input that might be more targeted to "instrument" level. I'd run the mixer with 0 VU as a peak level (which I think is consistent with what you said earlier).

I bet the mixer could be set up to feed the interface with a submix, and return the interface to channels or an aux return, then drive the speakers from the mixer main output. I'd have to think about the routing a bit, but I think it could be done.

That does show the TAPE outs are taken before the balanced drivers and so you would expect them to have a maximum output of +16dBu i.e. 6dB down on the mains but the spec' does not say that! I can only conclude they either could not be arsed or, attenuated the drive to the balanced drivers to standardize everything at +22dBu max?
I agree, OP should be able to setup a lower level feed from a pair of AUX outs.

We don't know what his recording software is? The DAW. He should of course be feeding the Ozonic such that his DAW meters are averaging about -20dBFS with peaks no higher than -8 or so...BUT! That brings a problem that has just occurred? Running the Oz' at such a low (correct) level might mean his monitoring output is now too quiet as too will likely be headphone level. The latter is a common failing of many interfaces.

If this is the case then my pot box won't fix it (I'll do it anyway) What he really needs of course is a good interface!

I hope the diagram is obvious? A few points...

I have shown standard, chassis mount RCA sockets and so they naturally earth to the case* but I have still shown earth wiring. Belts and braces! In fact I always use isolated high quality RCAs and ground the case at just one point, usually an input, makes it easier to arrange a ground lift if necessary.
Of course you could use jacks instead or indeed as well, just parallel them up.

*Aluminium is best of course but if pushed you could knock it up in an ABS case. If the leads are kept short probably no hum problem.



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