Why does it appear complex. Befuddled old guy


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So I’m migrating from sonar and cubase to ableton live lite 11
having always used a std interface daw I don’t get how abletons tracks arranged.
or show up in the time line,it’s confusing.
do I just stick with the arrangements view and try to work in a traditional way. Or am I missing something.
how come you can have a completely different track in arrangement view to session view.
basically why have an arrangement view.
im sure ableton will be a useful addition to my workflow eventually I just need to know how to up my work rate.
right now it confusing.
Ps part of the reason for migration is I’m now disabled and have sold all my old analogue gear and bought a little 2 in 2 out interface
arturia minifuse 2
and with it Arthuria mini lab mk3
both of which come with strong ties to ableton users.
Ableton is different, that's all. My friends with it, speak highly of it. I'm a Cubase user. I'm not ever going to throw away 30 years of hints and tricks to start anew. If you liked Sonar and Cubase, why not carry on with that style of DAW?
Ableton is not a simple switch. Its primary focus is to use in a live setting. Arrangement view is the traditional way to record. You can take clips in session view and begin playing them and use arrangement view to record to for a finished recording for example. Or you can just use session view to fill clips and usually with a controller, start using the clips to "freesyle" doing DJ performance, backing tracks for a more improvised performance, pretty endless what you can do.

I suggest switching to another DAW if you are not going to take advantage of the live part of the software. I have already invested a lot of time and know Ableton, so I find it easy to use, but I stay in arrangement view for 90% of the time. Plus the Ableton LE is really crippled. Back to what Rob stated, use Reaper, Cubase, etc. that puts you in more familiar territory as a traditional DAW.
Thanks guys really helpful. I’ll try reaper some more.
pits much nearer to what I’m used to.
Thanks Dm60 that explains a lot. Maybe I can use something like that live for fun.
Once I’ve set up a couple of templates it will improve my workflow.
Since Ableton is so different, there are lots of YouTube videos. Search Abelton, Session View, that will help you get a quick understanding and then you can play with it and really have some fun.